Rule of Five for Happier Customers

International Customer Week has just been celebrated in organizations across the world (and in DBS India as well), putting a hot focus on the key to success – the customer. Much has been said and written about customer satisfaction. In today’s highly competitive world, customer satisfaction should be taken for granted. What is really needed is customer delight. […]


Choosing a location for your business generally has three main considerations – proximity to customers, suppliers and employees. Other issues are easy transport and parking facilities,proximity to competitors and affiliated businesses which could impact your business.             Depending on the nature of the business, you need a location with ready access […]

Pitching your idea to investors …. in 30 minutes or less

              You have a great business idea. Very soon it will become clear to you that to turn that idea into concrete reality will mean raising capital. You will need to sell the idea to investors. And usually you get a window of 30 minutes or less to make your pitch. […]

Avoided by big clients? No more worries!

Business is a tricky and unpredictable game you can never predict an outcome as all you might know is it didn’t go as per planned. No business is static and it moves on an upward track or on its way down & gives you a fair chance to move from your present situation. What if […]

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur: II

The first step and perhaps the most important characteristic. Positive Thinking Well, it all starts with a positive attitude, doesn’t it? Believing that something good will happen is the first step. Negative thinking simply is not allowed. You must truly believe that there are no circumstances strong enough to deter you from reaching your goals. […]

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur: I

Studies have shown that typical successful entrepreneurs possess these characteristics: Self-confidence Having confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities. The first step and perhaps the most important characteristic. Achievement Oriented Results are gained by focused and sustained effort. They concentrate on achieving a specific goal, not just accomplishing a string of unrelated tasks. […]