The Future Workplace?

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Here are the some of the guidelines of ROWE (Results-Only-Work Environment) that are designed for people to get them thinking of how they could actually perform efficiently and effectively.

  1. Employees at all levels stop doing any work that is a waste of their time, the customers time or the company’s time
  2. They have the freedom to work any way they want
  3. Everyday would be a Saturday for them.
  4. Employees have an unlimited amount of ‘paid time off’ so long as the work gets done
  5. Work isn’t a place you go – it’s something you do
  6. Arriving at the workplace at 1 pm is not really considered coming in late. Likewise, leaving the workplace at 3pm is not considered leaving early.
  7. Also, nobody talks about how many hours they work.
  8. Every meeting is optional
  9. There are no work schedules
  10. Nobody feels overworked, guilty or stressed-out
  11. There is no judgment of how you spend your time

When people work in ROWE they push, they challenge, they support one another. Management is part of the entire process, but management does not drive the process. The people create the new culture.

When all said and done, how many companies would embrace this concept? Although, there would be numerous challenges ahead for companies adapting to such cultures, we can sense that ROWE being a common feature in the future workplace.

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