The New Leaders

What do you think today’s employees value in today’s manager? Trustworthiness!

A survey of more than 3000 leaders, managers and employees has found out that employee expectations have changed a lot over the last year presenting the present managers with new challenges:

  • being trustworthy
  • being open in approach
  • giving them both space & support for their work

So what should leaders do to meet these challenges? Marty Newman’s book ‘Emotional Capitalists: The New Leaders’ is a wonderful source for leaders to adapt to these needs.

The first thing the book states is that a leader should create emotional wealth for competitive advantage.

Every employee in the organization lives a dream of their organization to be great, and that greatness is only lived when the management creates emotional capital by inspiring the whole workforce to explore and express their own creative contribution to the vision of the organization. They have to treat employees as intellectual and as well as emotional investors in the business.

The book states that there are 3 core elements to look at:

  1. The value of the feelings and perceptions of the customers and the stakeholders.  Customers like to buy from organizations and people they have an emotional connect with. This builds brand value and emotional contract with the each customer.
  2. The emotional commitments held in the hearts of the employees within the organization. Treating each and every employee as investors and consumers.
  3. The positivity and energy you invest in work and also in your personal life. With this you could either inspire or demoralize those around you. How effectively you manage your emotional energy and how well you focus the energy of the people you lead.

The book is very practical which contained all you need to know to become an inspirational leader.

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