The Time To Pick Up A Serviced Office Is Now

You may be thinking about getting a serviced office but have put off the decision to later. Money is tight. Not too many clients are walking through the door. You want to wait till you are ready. The question really is: ready for what?

The best time to pick up a serviced office is NOW. For all the above reasons and more. If you have budget constraints, a serviced office could be your most cost-effective option yet. You don’t have to put down money you can’t afford for real estate.(Or take a loan and add to your liabilities.) Whatever money you can spare should go straight into the business. You need to concentrate on new business and on growing the business you already have. Maintaining and running an office takes both time and money. Besides, most entrepreneurs are not good office managers: it takes too much out of them. You should not be dissipating your energy dealing with the problems of running the office and having to cope with those trivial but time-consuming problems. You should not be spending time hiring and training staff. How much better to walk into a fully-furnished and equipped office and just get down to business?

First impressions count. If you are scrimping and saving, it shows and the impression left behind is not favourable. A serviced office – and while you are about it, get the best you can afford – makes a statement about you. It shows that you are professional and are making a success of your business. That’s always reassuring. Clients walk into an elegant reception area and are greeted by the staff. They are made to feel welcome – it’s a good way to start talking business.

The location is all-important. Your office should be easily accessible to your clients, prospects and employees. The better serviced offices are in prime locations. They come with a dedicated receptionist, a well-appointed lounge, meeting rooms and support services including administrative services (which could include secretarial services), catering and courier services.

Almost everything you need is a telephone call away. And it’s good to know that you pay only for the extra services you use.

A serviced office offers flexibility. You can choose a smaller office at first and move to a bigger one as business grows. You could even downsize if the situation calls for it. The equipment you use is always updated. And let’s not forget the importance of a fully IT-equipped office with reliable wifi connections and a back-up technical team at hand.

To succeed and be ahead of the competition you need a place:
* Where you can work smarter and faster
* That is well-positioned and cost-effective
* Where you never miss a call
* That has IT solutions that work

In other words, you need the perfect corporate setting for conducting business in a tech-savvy environment and where you have the best chance to turn your idea into a professional and growing business.

Imagine your clients walking into an inviting reception area and being personally greeted. Imagine being able to get the services you need at the click of a button. Imagine a meeting room being set up according to your requirements with every detail being taken care of, from the right equipment to what catering you would like.

Imagine how good it will feel when you have scored over the competition. Imagine how good it will feel to be signing the deal (as you in all certainty will).

Still thinking this is not a good time to get a serviced office? If you are smart, you’ll start researching and honing in on the right serviced office NOW.

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