Top 5 Reasons: Why Startups Should Consider Coworking Space In The New Year

The year 2017 will end in the next few days. We will enter a new year with excitement and renewed hopes and you as a business owner will work on building your business, taking it to newer heights, serve the existing customers, add new clients, and much more.

But, did you know most start-ups choose to run their business from home. A home-based business has various limitations such as having kids at home, visitors other than business associates, routine household chores affect the smooth functioning of the business. Having said that, if your startup is growing and you want to bring more people on board or meet clients, your home-based office will make it difficult to distinguish personal and professional life that might increase the risk of burnout.

Your home office will work well initially, but as your business grows, you will miss human contact and the absence of space for meeting your team members or clients will make you and your business look unprofessional.

No doubt, you did have cash or credit constraints to rent out or buy office space and these limitations forced you to start off at home, but for how long will you serve or survive? Our best guess, you might lose customers to your competitors.

So, how are you going to tackle this situation? Worry not, here is a solution to your situation, and the answer is COWORKING SPACE.

Coworking space has evolved as a cost-effective concept in the west, which now is gaining popularity among Indian startups. Given below are 5 reasons as to why start-ups should consider coworking space in the new year.

  • Affordable and Economical: Coworking spaces are affordable and economical. Here’s how? When you sign a contract for a rented office, you commit to pay the rent every month, conversely, in coworking space you pay membership fee just once and keep renewing it.

  • A host of Facilities: Coworking space host everything that you would need to get the work done. The spaces have ample power sockets, furniture, plenty of desk space, high-speed internet, and cafeteria are standard facilities.

  • A wide scope of Networking: Coworking spaces are used by a community of startups, freelancers, small companies, so the scope of networking across similar and different verticals is wide.

  • Add Space as you grow: The best part of coworking space is, flexibility with space availability. When your business grows, you can add space to accommodate more staff and furniture. You can switch to a bigger office without any hassles.

  • Business-based advice: Coworking spaces offer an ideal opportunity to get advice on your startup. You get free access to a community of coworkers with diverse expertise, skills, and background which can help you overcome problems related to your business.

If you’re planning to go big in 2018, think about coworking space and visit a few service providers. The beauty of coworking space, especially for startups is the flexibility to pick and choose what is needed and when it is needed.

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