Virtual offices – just what start-ups need to get started

So you are your own boss now. Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and started your own business.  Your drive and fierce determination are tremendous assets.  You are willing to work hard to realize your dream. But wait a minute. There’s one aspect of the start-up process that can stop you in your tracks: finding the right office and, most importantly, investing in one at a time when your resources are stretched to the limit.

The spirit of innovation is in the very DNA of the small business entrepreneur. You look for solutions while others see daunting problems.  If you can’t get an office right now, you will find a solution. One enterprising businessman started work from a parked car. Many meet clients in coffee shops. Sometimes you just sit on a bench and work on your laptop. Or clear the dining table and get down to work. Nothing is going to stop you when you’ve embarked on your journey, throwing caution to the winds because you know in your heart that you have a winning idea and have a burning desire to succeed.  If you are this kind of David, the Goliaths of the world cannot crush you – they are just not powerful enough to crush your spirit.

So, what do you do for an office? We suggest: do nothing at present. Don’t invest in an office – renting or buying an office can be very expensive, particularly in the current economic climate, and burden you with a number of hidden costs you hadn’t even imagined.  Instead, get a virtual office. This is, very simply, having an office without actually having one. All you have to do is become a virtual office member of a reputed business center.

Look at all the benefits of a virtual office. You have an address – a prestigious address that’s very impressive – that you can include on your business cards and stationery. It’s an address you can conveniently use for all your business correspondence. This is a big plus specially if you want to separate your home and business affairs.

A client calls the number on your business card. It is answered professionally by a receptionist who replies with your or your company’s name.  A message is taken and promptly relayed to you. You can send an answer immediately. You can set up a business meeting in the business center’s elegant lounge. Or hire a meeting or conference room. You can avail of pantry and administrative services ( for example, send documents for printing and binding or send a packet by courier). All the while, the client, or prospective client, is forming a distinctively positive impression about you. And because you need to keep an eye on the bottomline, paying only for the services and time you use is a major benefit.

As pioneers of serviced office spaces in India, DBS recognizes the special needs of small businesses and start-ups and offers them these and other benefits of being a virtual office member. And then there’s their unmatched experience which shows in numerous ways as the highly-skilled staff pay attention to your individual needs and make sure every small detail is taken care of. Can you put a price on that kind of certainty?

In today’s world, anyone can have a good idea for a new business and decide to take the leap. One thing he or she doesn’t need to worry about is whether to spend resources that can be used for other pressing needs, in getting an office.  A virtual office is just the answer.

Benefits of a virtual office at DBS Office Business Centers

  • Your name, our prestigious address on your stationery
  • Calls received and sent
  • Use of elegant lounge to meet clients
  • Use of meeting and conference rooms
  • Availing of facilities like pantry and administrative services
  • Paying only for the time and services you use
  • Boosting your image with the professional image you project

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