What is this Trendy Shared Office Space Anyway? And Why It is the Future

Shared office spaces in India, are becoming more popular day by day. Its massive growth in the last 5 years has disrupted the growth of traditional office space. Steady economic growth and a burgeoning startup community are driving flexible workspace in India. It is the world’s fastest emerging market breaking all the rules of the traditional way of working and it is helping a new generation to grow.

During the first half of 2018 shared office space had already reached a total footprint of 40 million sq. ft. In India major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The market for shared offices is growing in India’s leading cities.

DBS India is the leading shared office space provider, we have perfect offices for your new business model, which can provide a new face to your company. We have shared office or coworking space in Kolkata, Mumbai, and other prime locations in India. Buying and renting a personal office at prime locations in metro cities is very costly and when you are new in the market you don’t wish to invest much and get strangled in long-term contracts which might turn into a burden if things don’t according to your plan. Renting shared office space at prime locations at an affordable price will not only boost your confidence as a new company but will also help you save money which can be used to invest in the business to increase the potential of your company.

Shared office space also helps you meet new people who have new ideas and allows you to interact with people from different companies when you have free time. DBS India allows you to rent space as small as a personal cabin to office space that can hold around a team of 30+ easily.

DBS India is here to motivate young entrepreneurs and is happy to provide a place where young minds can come under one roof with their new ideas.

For more information on India’s leading shared office provider, visit DBS India today.

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