Why Shared Office Hygiene matters more than ever during Covid-19?

As the country cautiously makes its way towards relaxing the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us envision a time when we can stop working from home and return to the office. Yet, in the absence of a vaccine, aspects of the modern workspace will have to change significantly if we are to safely return to our desks.

The end of the open-plan workspace seems insight. Instead, we can see the return of the small private office and also of shared office spaces, where a small number of people can work in the same space without the risk of exposure.

A shared office is generally the choice of individuals –freelancers and consultants –as well as people running small businesses. It offers all the advantages of a well-serviced office in a good business location at a fraction of the cost of having your own independent office. Its cost-effectiveness is its main attraction. However, hygiene and safety are matters that need to be considered seriously especially in the time of the pandemic. This constitutes Priority No.1
for shared office spaces in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Why is hygiene so important in a shared office? Let’s remember that we spend a huge amount of our daily life in the confines of the office. As shared office spaces in Mumbai exemplify, there are high-touch areas all around the office from which the virus can spread. And the more people who touch them, the higher the risk factor. So, surfaces have to be kept meticulously clean. There are shared office spaces in Delhi that ensure that sprawling papers, spilled food, muddy footprints, and dust are taken care of and littering is avoided. Unless we are scrupulous about cleanliness, we leave not just ourselves but our fellow-workers open to infection and this is something that shared office spaces in Bangalore take particular note of. The same goes for personal hygiene. There can be no compromise on daily showers and wearing fresh, clean clothes. The more particular we are about hygiene and sanitization, the more protected we will be. It would also be the responsible thing to do. When you are sharing an office with others, it’s important to make sure you maintain the strictest rules of hygiene –not only to protect yourself but others in the office as well.

Coronavirus is a hygiene crisis. In the workplace, in particular, we need to follow extra vigilant hygiene practices to protect ourselves, our fellow workers, and anyone else we may be in contact with. This is the new normal that should be adhered to even after the outbreak peters out.

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