Why Start-ups Should Get the Shared Office Advantage

As a start-up, should you share office space or lease one of your own? There are several reasons why a shared office would be a viable option.

To start with, there’s a sizeable saving on rent. When you are embarking on your start-up journey you need a modern office in a good business location to add to your status and credibility. Working on a low budget as most start-ups do, this would seem like a pipe dream. But opt for a shared office and you get just the workspace you need and want –at a fraction of the cost of getting an office of your own, as you will find with a shared office in Navi Mumbai. In addition, most shared offices offer flexible payment plans. You won’t need to enter into a longterm lease (which is music to the ears of start-ups who may not know what their cash situation will be a few months down the line). A shared office helps keep costs down, just when you need to the most. A shared office in Andheri, Mumbai, is a good example.

Working alone, start-ups often feel at a loss, not knowing where to begin and whether they are on the right path. In a shared office, you will be situating yourself in a workspace where you can’t help but meet other entrepreneurs. Working alongside like-minded people is bound to be stimulating and will help your business grow. Besides, angel investors and venture capitalists have their eye on shared offices where start-ups tend to congregate. If you are in the right place at the right time, your big break may be just around the corner.

Your own office space needs time, effort and, especially, money to set up and maintain. You will need furniture and equipment. When things go wrong –as they tend to do at the most crucial times—you might end up spending precious time just troubleshooting. The daily running of the office eats up time and money. A shared office in Navi Mumbai or a shared office in Andheri takes all this off your hands. You just walk in and get down to business. Your space is designed as a private office space with your own wi-fi and phone connections. All the facilities you need are available on a pay-by-use basis. And you’ll love the fact that access to conference and meeting rooms are there for the asking. Depending on the size and scope of the meeting, the right meeting room will be made available. Importantly, you have experienced support staff to attend to all the details and ensure that the equipment works without a glitch.

Far from being a ‘compromise’, a shared office is actually a valuable networking opportunity. As you’ll find in a shared office in Navi Mumbai, you can get good business leads just talking to the people around you or over a cup of coffee. This kind of informal networking has been found to be far more successful than even going to a networking club. What’s more, there’s a pool of talent around you that you could access for your business.

With your eye on economies of scale, you will note with satisfaction that your overheads have come tumbling down. You don’t have to pay for maintenance or staffing. There are no bills for utilities. The place runs like a well-oiled machine, leaving you free to focus on your work.

No wonder, shared offices are the latest trend, increasing in popularity by the day. Smart start-ups would do well to jump on the shared office bandwagon.

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