Work Life Balance Is The Answer To A Happier Life

The inimical correlation between work life and happy life has been a point of contention for years together. Especially, from the time when technology entered our lives, the hunt for the right balance is turning into an endless pursuit.

Work is important. Our income ensures we have food on the table, shelter, and a free hand to spend money on life’s essentials. A bit of saving or investment allows us to spend on entertainment, vacations, etc.

But does having a lot of money make you happy? Of course, money is necessary for survival and to maintain a fairly good lifestyle. But a lot of money cannot make you happy. So is the case with work, continued long hours of work – week after week, month after month, and years together can drain your emotional enthusiasm toward being happy.

Additionally, the increase in online connections and conversations, it is becoming difficult to separate work from your personal lives. This creates a never mendable work-life imbalance.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer is quite simple – Work-Life Balance. According to the World Happiness Report, work-life balance is the most important element of happiness.

In the business world, mid-sized and large companies have started offering a flexible work option for their employees which ensures proper work-life balance leading to improved job satisfaction, overall happiness and good health.

Work-life balance simply means spending valuable time of life for work, family, friends, health, and personal growth.

Here are 5 key points indicating proper work-life balance, answers to a happier life.


Planning your work week and spending quality time with family, friends on weekends or attending social functions improve social standing, increase self-confidence and overall happiness. Spending more time with people makes you happy.

Flexible working:

Flexible working is less stressful and it provides better mental health and physical health and improves sleep pattern. You are less likely to get negative spillover from home to job and vice versa. Plus, it allows you to take off when you genuinely need to.


With socializing and flexible working hours, you get the liberty to self-schedule time for your work and allocate time for your personal activities, such as visiting a doctor, exploring your passion, etc. The authority of self-scheduling inculcates discipline making you responsible toward your own happiness.

Happy home, happy workplace:

Undeniably, the friction between personal and professional life reflects how balanced your life is. Stress in one area bleeds out to stress onto the other. If you are happy at home, you will be happy and productivity at your workplace as well.

Motivated, engaged, and productive:

If you are happy, satisfied with your personal and professional life, you are bound to be motivated, engaged, and very much productive – at home and at your workplace. Continued happiness has a profound effect on engagement and success in the workplace.

To conclude, living a life filled with happiness is by all means in your control. It all depends on how you plan your day or week and execute your plans in the right way leading you to contentment and happiness, personally and professionally.

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