Working alone has its challenges, Meeting (and greeting) rooms help overcome them

Working remotely has many advantages–flexibility of working hours and avoiding  time wasted on those daily commutes. However, when you work alone, there are also many challenges that need to be overcome.

Poor time management becomes a problem in many cases. People tend not to keep track of time spent on work or maintain proper to-do lists when working alone. This could have an impact on the overall efficiency of the office or project team. It would be advisable to combine remote working with regular catch-up sessions with the group in a meeting room to help people get back on track.

Team communication is vital when there are different people working on a project in different locations. Getting the whole team together at regular intervals gives people a chance to interact specially informally and share any problems they are facing. With so many people working in isolation, the team leader should take advantage of the availability of meeting rooms to keep people focused and motivated.

No one can deny that it takes an immense amount of willpower to avoid distractions when working remotely. At home, the interruptions and distractions go on and on. Some people believe the answer is to meet as a group in a coffee shop. But here too there are distractions that come in the way of conducting a productive meeting. Besides, ordering rounds of coffee and sandwiches can be quite expensive. In fact, it makes better sense to get a meeting room for discussions—and it often works out more cost-effective, too.

Technology issues can be a bugbear and very frustrating if not demotivating when you are working alone. Deadlines can be missed, affecting the progress of the entire project. Two or three (or more) heads are better than one and most technology problems can be solved when the group meets together. Someone always has a solution – or knows where to find it.

To make a success of remote working, the organisation or the team leader needs to ensure that there is interaction, sharing of ideas formally and informally within the team and also socialising at regular intervals.  For this a meeting room in a modern business center is ideal.

DBS business centers provide a wide range of fully-equipped and well-furnished meeting rooms that can be booked on an adhoc basis.  They offer a creative and productive atmosphere, specially for brainstorming sessions. They are available in a variety of sizes and paying as you go keeps business costs low. It makes good sense to get together in a meeting room to discuss problems or just say ‘hello’ to colleagues. Meeting rooms in DBS Chennai or conference rooms in DBS Chennai are examples of how meeting rooms can help create the right balance between working alone and working as a team.


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