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How do I become a member?

You can become a member by meeting a few formal requirements, depending on whether you want corporate or individual membership.

Will membership entitle me to use any DBS Center?

Yes, you can walk into any business center in India and start using our facilities.

What about facilities abroad?

Your DBS Corporate Membership card gives you access to more than 650 centers worldwide through our tie-up with Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN)

For how long can I book an office?

You can book an office for a day, a week, a month or even more, depending on your requirements.

What about the security of my data?

Your data is password-protected and not accessible to any unauthorized person.

Could I put up any "branding" material in my office?

Yes, provided it is a standee and does not require nails to be driven in the walls. Please talk to the manager of the center about your requirements.

What about conference facilities?

We have a range of fully-equipped conference and meeting rooms. We can also provide technical help for multi-media presentations.

Can I get any special services on request?

At DBS, we believe in giving personalized service. If you have any special request, we will do our best to meet the need.

What if I want to change the arrangement of my office?

To some extent, you can always re-configure your office space to suit your needs. For instance, you could fit in a small meeting room within the space.

Can I work beyond the usual office hours to accommodate different time zones?

At DBS, we follow Indian business hours. If you need to keep your office open beyond the regular hours, please talk to the manager.

Are the centers open on weekends?

Our centers are open on Saturdays but not on Sundays. A special request needs to be made to keep your office open on Sundays.

Can messages be handled when I am travelling?

Messages can be given and received on your behalf according to your instructions.

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