Ahead of the space race

The diagram below shows that if you were to have a 100 sq ft private office, you would need to purchase or rent 350 sq ft. of space. Of this 105 sq ft would be reserved for a super built-up area which goes towards the common building area for passages, lift, lobby, etc. So you are left with 245 sq ft of usable space.

Out of this, you would need 100 sq ft for a private office cabin admeasuring 10' x 10' sq ft.. With provision for a small pantry, reception and receptionist table this whole area would take up 145 sq ft.

Therefore, for 100 sq. ft., of private office cabin at DBS we are actually allocating about 3 1/2 times the area. That means if your office is of 100 sq. ft., we are giving you 350 sq. ft.

In addition to this, there are costs of furnishing, AMC's, cleaning services, electricity, security, which all are included in the room-tariff.
Therefore, a DBS office is the more favorable and less expensive choice.