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With your initiative and spirit of enterprise, all you need is a base from which you can take off. DBS is just the answer – as many successful entrepreneurs have found.

"I wanted to start a new business venture"

They say "Success comes when talent meets opportunity". I saw such success in a new business opportunity in an entirely new field. I was certain that my manufacturing / marketing experience was invaluable so I made a business plan outlining focus areas. All I needed was a base from which my new venture would take off.

I was excited when I visited a DBS business center. Without having to invest in infrastructure, staff and the hundred and one different things needed to run an office, DBS offered all the services I needed. Their pan India presence allowed me to set up operations in many cities and above all, their solutions were tailor-made for my needs! And I had the best asset of all – my determination. Nothing was going to stop me now.

"I needed a second office when opportunity knocked"

In my line of business, excellence is a must. My reputation as a reliable supplier, netted me an enviable overseas project. I needed a second office to accommodate a team to work exclusively on overseas client requirements. Someone recommended DBS!

I visited the center and found that it exactly suited my needs. Since the client had laid down some compliance procudures, I needed an interpreter and it was DBS who found one for me. Everything was streamlined, so work progressed as planned and completed the delivery as scheduled. With DBS, you too could take an office for as long as you want – a few days, a month or even more. This makes great business sense.

"I needed an office that matched my global needs"

I need to go where my work takes me... and that really means all over the world. I needed a base in India and a colleague recommended DBS and access to offices abroad due to its tie-up with Alliance Business Centers Network.

I was overwhelmed by the ready-to-use, fully serviced office furnished to global standards with all modern, plug-and-play facilities. It was truly worldclass! The professional staff understood my needs and were ready to go the extra mile. Due to time differences, I had to make more demands on them, but they always responded with a smile. The DBS-ABCN tie-up let me access all the major global business centers, by just presenting my DBS Membership card. I must say DBS has kept up with the times – and with the world.

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