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You are on the growth path. DBS offers flexible office solutions to match your needs. You can add to your team as business grows without investing in a bigger office.

"I started small but was dreaming big."

You have to start somewhere and I did – right at the bottom of the ladder. But my eyes were looking up – at the stars. I knew I had it in me to rise to the top so I put it all on the line. I got a single office in a DBS Business Center and just got started. The place was so inviting and inspiring. Ideas flowed and I turned them into concrete business proposals. I submitted my plans to venture capitalists and out of the blue, one showed interest and I was on my way to the top. I had been working solo but now I had a partner. It was exciting. We shared ideas, developed them together and soon we had grown into a team of four.

It all happened at DBS. They enabled me to customize my office according to my requirements. And when I wanted a bigger space, there was a dual office and later, a team office. I didn’t have any of the hassles of moving office. When I think of my journey to success, a key factor is the support I got from the DBS team.

"A big competitor was threatening my business but I found a way to fight back."

It was a case of David versus Goliath. One monster of a competitor on my back and I stood to lose everything I had built up over the years. I decided we would fight back. Working out of our DBS office which had been turned into a kind of war zone, we developed our strategy. We had confidential meetings in the DBS meeting rooms with our marketing and sales teams. We worked on day-to-day plans to thwart every move the competition made. Through it all, the DBS team provided great support.

Apart from the endless supply of coffee and snacks that we needed to stay energized! Working from DBS saved us a lot of time which we would otherwise have spent on running the office, not to mention averting technical hiccups (the DBS technical team is available on the spot so our computers were seldom out of action). Product improvements, price competitiveness and a special thrust on service – our three-pronged effort enabled us to deal effectively with the competition and protect our business. I would say that DBS not just with its infrastructure and modern offices but also its experienced team was a major factor in helping us turn the situation around.

"The day I realized that small was beautiful"

There is something about being small. People look at you differently; they tend to dismiss you as being of little importance. Many people don’t have the time or the inclination to listen to your ideas. It’s very frustrating as I knew from personal experience.

It all changed when I went to a DBS Business Center. I had a small business but never once was I made to feel small. They found me an office that met my needs and my budget. The ambience was such that I felt inspired from Day One. I focused on developing my business, knowing that the office would run to perfection and all my needs would be met. Small was beautiful and I began to set my sights on something bigger which would enable me to realize my full potential. At DBS I realized that the size of my business need not interfere with the size of my dreams.

"I had a small enterprise but a hunger for growth"

If you are a small or medium enterprise, you can still think big. That's what I did. I needed a breakthrough to get into a bigger league. I had the capabilities and the experience but the "small or medium" tag was somehow holding me back. I took offices at DBS Business Center in the key metro cities. And they opened for business on the same day. It gave my business a boost as clients realized I had the infrastructure to deliver on a larger scale.

DBS helped in countless ways. Working from an elegant, well-furnished and equipped DBS Business Center did so much for my confidence. More and more business came my way – and it showed on the bottomline.

"I needed to give my business a sharp competitive edge"

There are many players in the SME sector. I wanted to become the supplier large manufacturers could turn to and rely on to deliver. While manufacturing operations were carried out in a separate location, I needed an office where I could coordinate the work and make sure the various operations needed were on schedule. This needed concentration and hours of tracking. I couldn’t afford mistakes.

I decided to take an office in a DBS Business Center. My colleague and I got to work in an office specially designed for two people working together. We worked with clockwork efficiency while all our administrative needs were met by the professional DBS staff.

"I needed to meet a challenging new business target"

The target for the year was to grow by more than 100%. This become a personal challenge. I decided to put everything into meeting it but it was only when I visited a DBS business center did I feel that this was the place where I could focus on achieving my goals.

It had the right inspiring atmosphere, which would help me develop innovative ideas to attract new business. DBS gave me a stylish office where I would not be bogged down by administrative problems. I was surprised by how much I could achieve, and soon had a blueprint for growth showed on the bottomline.

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