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It's like having an office without actually having one

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DBS Virtual Office Space – An Office Without Actually Having One

The business scenario has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. With the help of advanced technology people are being able to work from anywhere anytime.

The traditional office located in one given space is thus making way more and more to virtual offices. This means having an office without actually having one.

Working By Remote Control

Keeping pace with the trend, DBS has devised a virtual office plan that meets the needs of Startsup companies, entrepreneurs & SMEs.

Under this new plan, you can have a virtual office address, which is a professional address that you can use on your calling card and stationery.

You can also avail of virtual office services which range from having:


    A receptionist answering calls on your behalf and forwarding messages to a host of secretarial and support services.


    You can use elegant DBS lounge free of cost.


    If you want to use a private office, conference or meeting room, you can do so, paying only for facilities you use.


    You don’t have to pay for rent or infrastructure, which makes the plan budget-friendly.

Three Packages: One is Just Right For You

Under the DBS virtual office plan you can choose from three different packages to suit your specific needs:

Virtual Mail Address Package Virtual Communication Package Virtual Office Plus Package

The DBS virtual office plan is available at all DBS locations i.e. Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and Hyderabad.

Go ‘virtual’ with DBS and get modern, technology-driven solutions to drive your business.


An Ideal
Solution for..

Consultants Who Want a Business Identity. Young Enterpreneurs Who Want to Portray a More Professional Image. Freelancers Who Need Flexible Office Solutions. Business Executives Who Work From Different Locations in Different Time Zones. Self-Employed Individuals Who Need a Base from Which to Take Off. Self-Employed Individuals Who are more creative when away from office.