The value of a home could be understood only by homeless person, and the value of a friend could be understood only by a lonely person. DBS provided both to its clients: a valued official home to work from and a friendly environment to be in.

Diners Business Services, better known as DBS, journey started decades ago when the owner of the Diners Credit Card business Shamsunder and Perveez Aggarwal, tickled with an idea to form a club with an advance communication facility, and a friendly environment. The club initiated with the simple idea of providing refreshment breaks in between meetings, lunch and all those expensive facilities like telephone, fax or computer, which were no less than a treasure in those days. The journey began when Reuters, Singapore’s executive, was welcomed by providing Reuter’s executive a private dining room to work from.

The simple idea of a club flourished into India’s largest business center when a coveted place of Nariman Point became a business hub for executives on the move. Then DBS pioneered another unique concept of the “Instant Office”. Executives on the move who have been working from several informal places like restaurants or hotel rooms found an ideal office in DBS.Renowned multinational brands like Coco cola, Microsoft, Titan and many others began their Indian Journey at DBS. Client and companies which have experienced DBS services are not only renowned brands, but DBS has shared its place with all those who were in search of a better place to work by opening business centers in different parts of India.

DBS business achievements have remained innumerable because of its unique concepts. There has been a tremendous rise in new business centers but DBS succeeded to sustain its essence of success in business centers in different parts of India by providing unique services. DBS business achievements in the last 32 years are telling the tale of its unique concepts.

A friendly atmosphere and an instant office are the key concepts of DBS. The idea of providing an instant office with stylish décor, a functional table and a friendly environment played a key role in DBS business achievements in the last 32 years. DBS’s instant office is the place where you can just open your briefcase and start your work.

When the world went tech oriented like always DBS came up with the unique idea of a virtual office. An ideal concept for those who need an official work place occasionally and a reputable address on their calling card. The concept of a virtual office allows DBS members to use its addresses on calling cards, stationeries, use of an elegant lounge for meeting clients and of course send and receive messages. It is like having an office on a coveted place without actually owning one.

The success of the DBS business center is implicit in its unique concepts and friendly environment.

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