Support Your Business With Hotdesking

Today most of the industries are struggling to meet the space constraints; in the light of this a new concept has been developed known as Hotdesking. It is also known as location independent working. The concept today has gone viral because of the benefits that it proffer. Before moving forward, let’s understand the intricacies of […]

New Face For Your Business With Serviced Office

With the changing business scenario the concept of serviced office is gaining prominence. It not only let you to streamline the cost but it also helps you to save your valuable time. This momentum of change has brought eureka moment for the entrepreneurs. Before jumpstarting further, let’s understand what serviced office is and how it […]


The value of a home could be understood only by homeless person, and the value of a friend could be understood only by a lonely person. DBS provided both to its clients: a valued official home to work from and a friendly environment to be in. Diners Business Services, better known as DBS, journey started […]