Support Your Business With Hotdesking

Today most of the industries are struggling to meet the space constraints; in the light of this a new concept has been developed known as Hotdesking. It is also known as location independent working.

The concept today has gone viral because of the benefits that it proffer. Before moving forward, let’s understand the intricacies of the concept.

In conventional offices we follow a stuck in rut system i.e. an individual has been allotted a particular desk and he performs work on it. The concept of Hotdesking is a step ahead of brick and mortar type offices. In this multiple person share the same seat or you can simply say that no particular desk is allotted to work.

These work stations work on an advanced technology that is needed to recoup the files and to route the telephone calls. Furthermore, if you want your staff to use the electronic gadgets or Smartphone then the process becomes expensive. The concept can be turned into reality in two ways

Conventional- In this system a proper office set up is established whereby the hotdeskers come on the allotted time and perform the task. In this office organization system the printers, desktops are allotted by the companies.

Informal Hotdesking- This concept has been under pressure because in informal Hotdesking anyone can come and sit on the available desks. The employees make use of the wireless technology.

The let down of this concept is for this an organization requires excellent office management skills.

Benefits of Hotdesking

There are numerous benefits of Hotdesking; we have enlisted some of them

Saving in terms of space

Hotdesking is constantly used in workspaces where employees work in the shifts. For instance, it is indeed helpful for sales people who really don’t need a space. Thus, through this way an enterprise can save fixed overhead cost.

Optimal utilization of the technology

This hot racking concept provides optimal utilization of the advanced technology. The small companies are looking forward to this concept because of the flexibility it offers.

Social Networking

This concept encourages the chances of social networking among the people as you get the chance to sit with different people and therefore you can learn various new things from them. Thus, Hotdesking provides you an opportunity to know more people and to network with them.

Not to mention, sitting with different people stimulates the minds and it definitely make the employee dynamic and robust.

Mobile Workforce

With this concept in place, an organization is able to lodge mobile workforce in the organization.

Cracking the Hotdesking code is not easy. The management needs to ensure that it discusses this concept with their employees and after the full consultation of the staff you can change the working style.

Services provided in Hotdesking

In the wake of this concept many mobility centre companies have been developed. Here’s the quick snapshot of the services provided by them.

Data Backup

The most common problem faced by the enterprise is data backup. In order to restore the files these companies have come up with a unique automated back up process that doesn’t rely on automatic tape changes, instead the data is restored through onsite appliance or from secured data centers.

IT Security

The companies who follow the practice of Hotdesking are in dire need of IT security and to cater that majority of the companies have started providing this service.


The companies provide cubicles depending upon the packages.

Other services provided are computer services, telephone services, and other office services.

Thus, these companies are truly a revolutionary step that provides desired flexibility and reduced costs to the organization.

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