DBS Business Center – The Perfect Solution for Remote Working employees and companies

Starting a business is progressive, right from the venture’s beginning to its growth and until it reaches the stage of sustainability. From networking to establishing relationships with venture capitalists, experts, analysts, other startup communities, an entrepreneur has the tendency to overcome the shortcomings involved with fund management, focus enhancement, and networking. These factors determine the […]

Virtual Office Life after Lockdown – What to Expect?

As we take uncertain steps in the not-so-brave new world after the lockdown, a ‘new normal’ will become commonplace. Offices will, by and large, not return to the pre-COVID 19 era. There will be a complete change in look and feel. Seating will be redefined to conform to social distancing norms, so there will be […]

A Virtual Office Gets Your Business Growing

You don’t need to have an office to have one. That is the concept of a virtual office –which allows businesses to operate from anywhere and yet have a full-fledged office working for them. A virtual office can be a key factor in business success. Here are some of its main benefits. Upscale address With […]

Why Smart Entrepreneurs should opt for Virtual Offices

Entrepreneurs looking for a place to work have the answer in two words: virtual office. The benefits are significant for anyone starting or building a business. Here are some advantages of a virtual office that entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore: Prestigious address Where do you work from? Chances are the address is not too impressive […]

5 Tricks To Stay Productive in Your Virtual Office

More and more people are now working remotely. Working from a virtual office has several attractive benefits like saving time commuting to work and having the flexibility to work from wherever and whenever you like. On the flip side, there is the feeling of remoteness that creeps in. You don’t have colleagues you can share […]

The Millionaire Guide on the Virtual Office to Help You Get Rich

While big and established companies find it convenient by bringing all their employees under one roof, but small companies or startups don’t really have an option to rent or buy a space in their early days. Hence there is an alternative for companies that are just getting started, can work from home and pay for […]

Virtual Office Spaces – The business Solution For Today’s Needs

A virtual office provides the benefits of a traditional office with much greater flexibility and at a fraction of the cost. It is the ideal solution for today’s business people, especially start-ups and small businesses and people working on their own. The main advantage of a virtual office is that you can work from anywhere […]

How Shared Office Makes A Thriving Work Environment?

Office environment is directly related to work performance. Imagine, working in a gloomy, dusty, dimly lit, very crowded office versus a cosy, colourful, bright workspace with like-minded people around – which one would you choose? Freelancers, startup entrepreneurs and consultants often step back from the idea of a healthy workspace presuming budget as the key […]

This Diwali Start Big With a Prestigious Address

Diwali – popularly known as the festival of lights is celebrated to symbolize the victory of good over evil. Diwali is considered as the most auspicious time to invest in property – a new house or a new office. The real estate market sees a boom during this season starting from Navratri till Diwali. The […]

Virtual Office – A Small Business Owner’s Gateway To Growth

Renting or leasing an office involves spending a huge sum of money. In addition to this, resources must also be spent on equipping the office through the purchase of things like furniture, IT infrastructure, and so on. For a majority of small business owners, this is simply not a feasible option since they are unable […]