Taking The ‘Remoteness’ Out of Working Remotely

It is said that distance lends enchantment. But when it comes to managing employees spread across different locations, this isn’t always the case. Managing remote employees is a whole new dimension, and requires a considerable degree not only of management skills but also of sheer human understanding.

Operating from serviced offices in Mumbai, some companies maintain the same standard operating procedures across all locations but also make adjustments to suit remote workers. They make allowances for each site’s cultural and specific needs.

Businesses based in serviced offices, Bangalore, follow another valuable maxim. They simply avoid the urge to micro-manage. They take an active interest in the operations of their remote employees but do not take charge of every single detail. The employee can take his or her own decisions. The experience and help of the main office are always available but the initiative is encouraged—and if there’s an occasional mistake or failure, no one is taken to task. It is merely a lesson to be learned.

Following a similar tack, businesses working from serviced offices, Chennai, delegate the bulk of managing day-to-day tasks to their managers in different locations. This is a great confidence-booster, “When you don’t under-estimate what your staff is capable of, you get wonderful results,” agree senior managers based in office spaces in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Employees in remote locations bring their own style and ideas to bear on their tasks and this benefits the organization as a whole.

Building a rapport with remote employees is a priority with organizations working from serviced offices in Mumbai. They believe in “being close while remote”. This means always being available to the team. Making small talk is not considered a waste of time. Getting to know the employee working from a remote location personally helps to work through any problems that arise.

The right communication is stressed by organizations with office space in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. With a network of employees working from remote locations across the country, their top management spends a lot of time and effort on communicating with employees and addressing diverse problems.

When the whole team is in the loop, the right answer –or a fresh new approach – can come from anywhere and often does.

Operations based in a serviced office, shared office or coworking space in Kolkata believe in using video as much as possible, stressing verbal as well as non-verbal communication. Top management makes sure they are not seen as ‘absentee managers’. They relate to individuals in the team, making them more involved and invested in the business. Motivation is known to shoot to higher levels as people begin to feel an ‘ownership’ in the company,

Every individual – indeed every location –has its own personality. Keeping track of every employee’s needs is a challenge. Businesses based in serviced offices in Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore or in office spaces in Vashi have found the answer lies in being organized yet flexible. While the same employee handbook, the same training, and organizational structures are in place, the whole company benefits from the changes that the diversity of locations call for.

Having employees working remotely, from a host of different locations, has become the new normal. Companies can ‘shrink’ the distance with effective planning and organization combined with an open and flexible approach. Technology also helps through continuous contact via computers and mobile phones, making it possible for employees in different locations to work almost as if they were sitting side by side.

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