Mumbai: Problems and solutions on Small Office Space

Anything that is small is often considered, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’. Taking a cue from our lives, small things or small gestures of kindness do matter and it makes us feel happy and content.

But does the same logic apply to our workplace? No. It doesn’t. What if your workplace is small compared to the number of people working in it. Of course, space would be a concern. Often, workplaces are bought or rented depending on the size of business.

The best thing about working in the business world is that there are different environments to suit varied business needs. For example, large corporations have larger offices, while small and mid-sized businesses choose what fits their requirement. It is the small businesses which face the issue of space, especially when the business is growing along with the number of employees. Continue reading

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How economical is it to work at a shared office?

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. – Li Keqiang. Premier – State Council of the PRC.

Indeed, innovation in any discipline leads to overall progress. Whether it is technology or medicine, science or mankind, innovation makes life easy.

Similarly, in the last decade, we are experiencing changes in consumption, due to the introduction of sharing economy. A sharing economy model enables people to share resources such as services, skills, and equipment with one another, thereby decreasing the cost.

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Convert Meetings into Deals with an Impressive Office

Creating and leaving a best first impression is one of the most dreaded tasks in personal or professional lives. All it takes is just a quick glance, not lasting 3-4 seconds, for someone to judge you when you are meeting for the first time. In just 3-4 seconds, the other person develops an opinion about you based on your appearance, body language, attitude, mannerisms, and finally, how you are dressed.

You might encounter new people throughout the year, where you will be adjudged and others will form impressions about you. The first impression is difficult to reverse hence making the first meeting greatly important because it builds the base of future relationships.

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The perks of having a shared office

The moment you listen “perks”, ‘fringe benefits’ or ‘incidental gain’ as an employee or as a customer is something that might run through your mind, right? It has to be that way because ‘perks’ indeed are added compensation for doing something extra or adding value to the business or a free gift for making a purchase.

Perks, especially for employees, no matter small are rightfully earned for rendering extra services. They promote self-confidence and the zeal to perform more. And the cycle goes on.

Although related to office space but wonder not, we aren’t going to talk about employee appraisals, human resources, or tricks to increase customer base. We are going to share with you top 4 perks of having a shared office. Continue reading

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The pros and cons of a shared office

Shared office space is becoming popular among startups or growing small businesses. A lot of start-ups and new entrepreneurs have found occupying office space in a sharing environment instead of working from a corner of a living room or renting an office; advantageous in many ways. Coworking or shared spaces can be found in major and small cities, and it is gaining popularity in other countries as well.

A shared office is a right medium for businesses who do not want to own or rent large premises but wish to improvise or upgrade on working from home. Whether a startup or a new business, shared office space has the potential to provide the best of both worlds.

Shared office spaces are also referred as business incubators. These spaces have the potential to really help businesses grow. Working environments in shared space have a built-in business network which brings together creative and innovative people working on different and exciting projects under one roof. They also encourage business growth and development by providing development support, resources, and services to new businesses.

No doubt shared office spaces are genuinely good, but there are some things to be aware of. Here are top 3 pros and cons of a shared office. Let’s start with pros. Continue reading

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Key Trends in a Workplace in 2018

“The only thing that is constant is change,” – said Heraclitus. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Highly advanced information technology is allowing businesses to discover and develop new methods to expand their business.

Rapid globalization and technological advances are reshaping the modern working landscape and drawing newer workplace trends that are dominating the business world. The workplace environment is undergoing a continuous evolution. Companies are developing to support a variety of work styles, leadership skills, and diverse viewpoints and concepts. Continue reading

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