10 Shared Office Trends To Expect In India In 2019

With 12 million plus seats presently, the shared office industry is a well-established market contributing largely to India’s urban economy and is expected to continue its growth in the coming years. Existing for over a decade now, shared offices reached one of their pinnacles in the last couple of years. Today, freelancers, startups, businesses and conglomerates eye and aim at the shared office industry for major capital investment with cost-cutting benefits.

How’s the Indian shared office market planning to address this spectacular demand growth in 2019? Sharing with you the essential 10 shared office trends of 2019 that we at DBS India Business Center expect to dominate.

1. Shared Office Passport Programme

Businesses are no more confined geographically. Professionals travel frequently for work and thus, shared office space with a multi-city presence is in high demand. At DBS India, our members are permitted to use our business centres at any location during their travel.

2.AI And Blockchain Integration

Name a sector that’s not advancing technologically! Coworking spaces are filled with repetitive work like payment, procurement and so on. Also, shared serviced office providers need maximum utilization of available human resources in each of their offices by automating mundane tasks. Thus, AI And Blockchain Integration have a big scope in the 2019 shared office market and we at DBS India are in plan to uptake it.

3. Corporate Collaborations

Those who think shared office spaces are only aimed at startups or freelancers, then here is the shift change happening in the industry. Shared office workspace is in high demand by corporates and conglomerates. Shared offices allow them to make a multi-city presence with a cost-cutting approach. At DBS India, we aim to offer serviced business centres that solicit the need of businesses of all sizes.

4. Niche Services And Offerings

While a lawyer would want a bookshelf, a designer would like to place some mannequins in the workspace they book. We understand this demand for customized shared office space that will surely accelerate this year. To cater, to each of our respected clients the DBS India Team customizes and arranges their allotted office space as per their choices.

5. Sustainability And Eco-friendliness

How wonderful will it be to work in an office with lots of greenery around? Shared office providers in India often hear the demand for eco-friendly offices as it has health benefits too. This is expected to grow in 2019 in the shared office market and we at DBS India ardently support it.

6. Focus On Human Health

Health problems due to inadequate office facilities are increasing. Doctors confirm that impure air, infected water or even the chair in the office can affect your health. The present workforce is quite health conscious and looks for offices with the best amenities. In 2019, Indian shared office providers would thus ensure that their offerings include health-friendly amenities only. Health-friendly benefits in the DBS Business Centers include room for fresh air, water filters, air purifiers, sanitized washrooms and distinct smoking areas.

7. Expansion Of The Shared Office Market

In India, the shared office market is mostly limited to metros and tier 1 cities. Considering the demand, the scene is changing and the Indian shared office market is expanding. It is expected that the shared office network will penetrate the tier 2 cities of the country in 2019. Though this market expansion sounds logical, it is a little risky for the shared office owners. This 2019 shared office space trend might go slow but is being predicted to be a pioneer of the industry. At DBS India, we would be glad to contribute to this trend over time.

8. Secure Network Connectivity

One of the common perks of working in a shared office space is high-speed internet or Wifi. However, for this clients need to connect their devices to the shared office internet network which immediately makes their device data unsafe. As smartphones and laptops are an indispensable part of any business, in 2019, secure network connectivity is one demand that is expected to grow. Shared office companies have ensured this inception and would maintain their efforts. DBS India will ensure high-speed and high-quality internet facilities in all our business centres in 2019 and all coming years.

9. Membership Incentives

Competition in the industry is very high. Shared office companies are looking for ways to attract new customers and retain older ones. Thus, innovative and new membership incentives will surely pop up and we at DBS India would also try to do the same. Membership incentive works irrespective of the industry and is a common trendsetter.

10. Employment Opportunities

Of course, because the industry is expanding, the shared offices will hire more. Also, until now most shared offices were left in the hands of a single manager. Considering the above-listed 2019 shared office trends, it is obvious that each shared office would need more professionals like tech-engineer, coordinators and so on to maintain the standards of the office. With our markets growing, at DBS India, we too hope to hire the best talents across the country during the year.

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