10 Team Building Exercises For Corporate Retreats

Businesses succeed and their success is based on three important factors – Best Customer Service comes first, Innovative Products/Services takes the second place, and the third, but very important – a strong team of employees. A strong team ensures proper execution of the first two to generate revenue for the business and successfully stay ahead of competitors.

Earlier, the business world was tough, now it is becoming tougher due to technology, excessive competition, consumer demands, and frugally available dedicated employees. It takes a lot to set the correct mix and succeed.

We are going to share ten team building exercises for corporate retreats. A corporate retreat or team building exercise is very important for any business. It boosts the success of the business. It promotes a personal bond between team members and impacts company’s bottom line and gives the business a competitive edge. Here are 10 team building exercises.

  1. Singing: One of the best ways to check how talented team members are. Most team members fear singing in public, but this exercise helps reveal hidden inner talent of team members.

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Dividing teams and allow them to find a hidden treasure. Hunting the treasure together as a team helps employees work together and enhance creativity.

  1. Drawing: Most employees aren’t good at drawing or sketching. This activity serves as an icebreaker and helps in improving the art of clear communication between team members.

  1. Office Space: Preparing a list of questions on the office space or stuff used by team members helps employees to enhance their power of observation.

  1. Social Service: Employees can volunteer and participate in social service as a team. This helps the team to bond among themselves and the society.

  1. Contracting space: Dividing the team and asking them to work in limited space. Through this, team members realize the importance of adapting to different situations and conditions.

  1. Find an escape: Throw the challenge of escaping from a locked room within the allotted time. This activity helps team members to collaborate and solve a mystery together in order to pull off an escape.

  1. What changed: Dividing team into two, having them sit opposite each other and then face away. One team changes 5 things. The other team identifies what changed. This helps in knowing the importance of detailing and observation skills.

  1. Lip-Synch: This is a fun activity which good for groups of any kind. Team members can lip-sync on songs played in the background. It is entertaining and helps the team to bond with each other.

  1. Positive / Negative: This exercise focuses on reframing negative situations into learning experiences together. Diving the team into a pair, one will share negative incidents and the other will focus on positive aspects and help the first one explore positivity from the adverse episodes.

We believe, team building activities should be educational and entertaining too. Team building exercise helps a team know each other, what and how others think, work, solve problems, and know their habits, quirks, and personalities.

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