5 Office Facilities And Features That Matters to Millennials

While challenging the existing workplace status quo, millennials have often not been happy with the traditional office infrastructure. Exactly how they call for project success over stipulated work timing, they prefer their workspace to be designed comfortable, convenient and contemporary.

We are glad, our DBS Business Centers have been on the top list of many prosperous millennials and today, they form a major portion of our clientele across the country.
Based on their inputs and insights, here is summing up the trending workspace expectations that today’s millennials look at. Very contrary to how offices are presumed to be, these five amenities in an office space can certainly enhance its productivity, output, and success.

Networking Opportunities

For their long-term professional pursuits, millennials try to build and maintain a healthy network and attempt to expand it authentically.
The root to trustworthy network expansion with influential contacts can be a good shared office space. As multiple freelancers, startups and companies of different disciplines share the same workspace, some of them get in touch, build great rapport and eventually kick-start brilliant projects together.

Open Floor Plan

Exactly how millennials look down on the 9to5 work culture, they feel congested to work within rigid cubicles. Thus, the workspace expectations of today’s millennials include open floor planning where each millennial has a designated sit-to-stand desk. Also, the offices are expected to have ample common area with benching stations, gaming zones, open spaces such that millennials can spend time independently and comfortably to think out of the box for their work, invigorate with their respective teams and thus, make their office truly a second home.

Contemporary Furnishing and Facilities

At DBS Business Center, we offer customized office designing facility such that clients can decorate and make up their workspace exactly how they want it to be.
The common millennial workspace choices that we derived while designing offices for millennials are as follows:

-Premium Locations
-Kitchen And Pantry
-Safe Locker Units
-Private Cabins
-Access Control
-Wellness Rooms
-Phone Booths
-Power Outlets
-Round-the-clock security

Secretarial Services

One of the common lifestyle choices of millennials includes frequent travelling. They travel for work as well as leisure. Yet, while travelling they do not intend to miss prosperous contacts and clients who land up in their offices. Millennials thereby prefer their workspaces to be integrated with Secretarial Services. In case the millennials and their teams are out of office, secretaries can meet the guests for initial interaction.

Multimedia Solutions

Considering their extensive electronic literacy, it happens that during the course of work millennials require different deluxe multimedia solutions. These multimedia support are often expensive and meant for one-time use only.
Than spending resources on each of such multimedia solutions, today’s millennials expect to get them in their offices only. The millennials agree to pay extra for such multimedia benefits and at the same time, expect them to be in a user-friendly state when they want to use. Common multimedia solutions that they look for while booking a shared office space are as follows:

-CCTV cameras
-VoIP Phone System
-Mobile Charging Stations

Won’t these workspace amenities make working really effortless for anyone and everyone? Let us know in the comments section.

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