5 Reasons Why Coworking Space Is Worth For A Freelancer

The first question that might arise is, “Why would freelancers work from a coworking space or a rented office? They can very well work from anywhere, anytime.” The emotion behind this question is quite understandable. And to some extent, the question is valid.

The word ‘freelance’, itself means, selling of products or services without a fixed or long-term contract with the organization or the employer. Freelancers usually do not require buying or hiring an office, they can work from the comfort of their home or complete assignments in a cafe, whenever and wherever they want.

With the shift from taking-up fix-pay occupations, many writers, graphics artists, designers, IT experts, software developers and from other vocations have chosen the path of going solo or work as a freelancer. The marvelous mix of corporate world and proficient freelancers is enabling businesses to serve the end users successfully.

But do you know, today, the demand for efficient freelancers is rising. New businesses, startups especially are in dire need of hiring freelancers to complete their projects in time.

So, what does the rising demand mean for freelancers?

Obviously, to meet the market demand, freelancers need to change the way they function. They cannot afford to work from home or cafes anymore. But this does not mean they go out and buy or rent expensive office space, they can use coworking space to serve clients and increase their worth.

For a freelancer, how worth is a coworking space? A lot. Let’s check out the 5 reasons.

  • No Distractions: The first and foremost advantage, independent professionals can work with full concentration and can be more productive. Obverse, home office with daily routine has the potential to affect focus and reduce productivity.

  • Beat Loneliness: Working from home, delivering accurate work, and on time is good, but prolonged solitude from the outer world affects social life and feeling of loneliness creeps in. Conversely, a coworking space beats loneliness, cultivates productivity, promotes collaboration and protects mental health.

  • Professional Set-up: Imagine holding a client meeting or first meeting with a prospect at home or a cafe? Cleaning the house, making the right arrangements or booking table at the cafe for the meeting would be taxing. But using a coworking space signals the clients that yes, the freelancer is professional and is serious about what he or she is doing.

  • Motivating Environment: Independent working is advantageous. Freelancers can decide the working hours and the place to work, but the environment is often unmotivating and unproductive. Whereas the atmosphere in coworking space motivates because freelancers work with like-minded professionals, who can assist whenever required.

  • Cost Effective: Freelancers save a lot of money when they work from home, but the chances of growing the freelancing business are limited. Coworking space, on the other hand, offers cost-effective services such as a dedicated desk space, an uninterrupted internet connection, mail service, business address, no long-term commitment, free water, tea or coffee at negligible rates.

Working from cafes and home have produced the best results, but only for some people. Coworking space in Mumbai has the potential to remove all the drawbacks of home and cafe working. Coworking is a step toward the future of work and it can generate the best results for freelancers and businesses as well.

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