7 Ways To Make Collaborative Meeting Rooms Better

If the walls of many meeting rooms could speak, it would be quite a revelation. A meeting is called but often ends up being a waste of time, useless, poorly run and unnecessary. Yet organizations continue to hold meetings in the hope that there will be a collaboration between different members of the organization with positive results.

Getting people of different abilities and experiences to focus on an important problem or issue in one meeting space is an opportunity that should be exploited to the maximum. However, unless the conference or meeting room is up-to-date with the latest technology, it cannot host valuable, engaging and efficient meetings.

What is the kind of technology you should incorporate in your meeting space? To begin with, consider using wireless video presentation techniques as several business centers in Bangalore have done. Without collaboration, what is a meeting but a presentation by a leader with attendees merely looking on? But attendees rarely participate as they are daunted by all the hassle of cords needing to be unplugged and plugged in again, setups needing to be adjusted and the unrealistic amount of time that goes in figuring out how to make screens and files visible to all. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture means a need for compatible cables and adapters. A wireless presentation system is well worth the investment, as conference rooms in Chennai have shown because it provides desktop mirroring allowing users to control what they share on the big screen completely wirelessly. A great deal of extra work and technical clutter is eliminated. Presentations can even be showcased remotely, making the meeting a truly collaborative experience. And the latest meeting rooms in Chennai bear testimony to this.

Another area where advanced technology comes in very useful is conference and meeting room bookings, An intelligent integrated room reservation system keeps you fully in sync with online meeting calendars for realistic updates, giving you the current status of room bookings all from a touch panel.

Seamless integration that easily accepts various devices operating on different platforms, a secure network for attendees meeting locally and remotely, a program that lets all attendees share content…these are some technical solutions to help you manage and optimize meetings.

With the right technology in place and the certainty that everything will come together seamlessly, the meeting can proceed with its real purpose – to bring the best minds together to come up with breakthrough ideas and solutions.

When this happens, the walls of the meeting room will have quite a different story to tell!

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