Availability of Conference or Meeting Rooms in Andheri

While the business world thrives, falls, and rises again, it faces the evergreen issue of working space. Office space is a primary concern across the business world. Large organizations may have ample space to operate. But they face limitations when they are looking for expansion in international markets. Similarly, SMEs, start-ups, and branches of MNCs find it difficult to buy or rent office space. Affordability and budget play a major role in acquiring office space.

With the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial spirit – among new age businessmen, the need for office space is rising rapidly. It is here, where business centers offering co-working spaces, shared offices, virtual offices come to the rescue.

Businesses that are growing usually operate from a small or appropriate property, but it is challenging for them when they are planning to conduct a conference or a meeting – staff or stakeholders.

Let’s take an example of businesses in an around the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai. Realty prices are sky-high in this part of the city. Enterprises with frequent conferences and meetings, it is costly to buy or rent a property with space exclusively for that purpose.

Additionally, start-ups, SMEs, MNCs interested in starting their office locally cannot imagine investing in full-service office space.

What’s the solution?

Like we said earlier, business centers providing co-working spaces, shared offices, virtual offices are the right solution.

Business Centers are registered companies who own properties that are designed to meet the requirements of companies looking to hire offices at affordable rates and or virtual offices to launch their business in the local market.

DBS India, the leader in office space management offers fully equipped complete offices, shared offices, co-working spaces, virtual office, conference and meeting rooms.

The company has unparalleled expertise in organizing conferences, meetings, and seminars. Our services include conference room in Andheri, meeting rooms in Andheri, and virtual offices in Mumbai for small and medium businesses.

So, if you are an SME, a start-up, an educational organization, or an MNC and conduct conferences, seminars, or meetings often, get in touch with DBS India.

For details and information, visit www.dbsindia.com or call us on +91 22 40779100.

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