Boring Meetings? First of all…

If the meeting starts getting boring, then the number of ways to lighten it up is few. Company meetings always need to ensure that it doesn’t tilt to the gloomy side. Here are some simple ideas – suggestions which are not hard to follow – to break the ice.

Cut the Formality!

A cheerful business meeting can most frequently lead to a ‘creative’ brainstorming session producing better ideas. But when the session is a boring affair, winning the brainstorming session will rarely be positive. In most offices, these meetings are way too formal. Drop that! Ensure that people involved feel comfortable during the meeting and have not even an iota of nervousness. A slight hint of humor should always be maintained. This will also smoothen the interaction.

The conference room? Not again!

A great way to start a meeting is by working mutually to perform a job. The minute one deviates from his position, things can start getting out of hand. Secondly, changing the meeting location is not a bad idea. Meetings held frequently in a conference room can be mentally suffocating. Let people know that there are places where they could relax and energize creatively. Stop locking everyone up in the conference room!

By occasionally changing your meeting places could make the whole theme enjoyable and refreshes the members in the meeting. They would be much more willing to cooperate and feel less nervous.

How about themed meetings?

If you are holding a meeting off-site, then you could also settle for a ‘theme’ meeting. Themed meetings are very enjoyable, the members in the meeting feel at ease. They deliver. Of course, it’s your job to make sure that they get done with their job too, and not just have a nice time.

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