Making The Most Of Your 24 Hours

Everyone has 24 hours in the day. Yet there are people who get much more done in the day than others. Here are ways in which you can make the most of your 24 hours. Plan your day Spend a few minutes every night to plan what you are going to do the next day. […]

Does your company have a culture of innovation?

An office that has a culture of innovation attracts the best talent and achieves its business goals faster than those regular ‘nine-to-five’ offices where people just work because they have to. A culture of innovation in an office is an environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking on an on-going basis. To make the most of innovative […]

Secrets Of Being More Productive At Work

You can be more productive at work and be rewarded with more leisure-time and, of course, more money. Here are some proven secrets of making the most of the 24 hours we all have. Be a clock watcher Track and limit the time you’re spending on tasks. Then see if you can cut it down. […]

The Secret Of Making Friends In The Office

For many people, making friends at work isn’t easy. It can be intimidating. But even a shy introvert can learn to become a good friend or buddy at work. Remember, more than 50% of a person’s lifetime is spent working, so it’s worth investing the time and effort to invest in friendships at work. How […]

How To Deal With Difficult People At Work

Every company has them. People who are difficult to work with. Some who just talk and don’t listen. Some who criticise everything they did not have anything to do with. Some who steal credit. Some who undermine others to put themselves in the spotlight. Some who are obnoxious or just plain bullies. As a colleague, […]

Expand Efficiency of Workspace With Perfect Plan

An average person spends 50% of his day time in office environment. In many types of research it is revealed that employees consider their office environment as a crucial element for work satisfaction. Space planning is an important aspect of working environment as it involves the arrangement and organization of office furniture to work effectively […]


The environment in which you work directly affects your efficiency and productivity. People have different work spaces and different needs. But, according to design experts, there are some elements everyone needs to look at when designing the perfect work space. Windows : Are not just for looking out from though it’s amazing what a lift a good view can give. […]

Goodbye 9 to 5 & Hello Flexi Hours

Remember 9 to 5? Forget it. The trend today is flexi hours. This means flexible scheduling of work to adjust to responsibilities at work and home. It can mean starting and ending workdays at different times or doing some of your work at home. Parents may choose to arrive at work later so they can […]

Give Your Workspace a Makeover

You spend most of your working day at your workspace and it’s the same old scenario day after day.The same walls, the same shelves. And the same old piles of paper that just keep mounting up. It’s depressing and hardly conducive to productivity. So, it makes sense to refresh your workspace. Give it a makeover. […]

How to Score an Ace When Choosing Office Space?

So you have to get a new office space? The decision isn’t easy. The space you choose can impact your business in many ways. It can affect your day-to-day business, employee morale and, importantly, your brand image. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind before signing on the dotted line on your lease […]