Conference or Meeting: Business Centers are ideal for Your Business

A conference or a business meeting is, by all means, an event. The event primarily focuses on discussing and highlighting business growth, achievements, rewarding business partners, employee recognition, launching a new product or service, corporate social responsibility, and future business plans.

The event, in short, is a gathering of decision makers and those influencing the decisions. Conferences are usually held once or twice a year while meetings can be held fortnightly or monthly. Conferences include declaring results and announcing the way forward, whereas meetings are held to discuss current operations, client interaction, etc.

The success of a conference or a meeting depends entirely on the distance, ambiance, facilities, ample space, and cost. While large companies have dedicated spaces for holding conferences or meetings. It is the small business units, start-ups, MNCs, who face space crunch. However, many hotels and resorts do offer facilities for hosting a conference or meeting. But their rates are too high for small businesses to afford.

Mumbai, as we know, the city has numerous small, medium, and big organizations, running their business from owned or rental property. Big organizations usually have their own property and seldom have space constraints to hold conferences or meetings. On the other hand, smaller ones that are growing are forced to hire hotels or resorts. Even low-cost hotels or resorts can disturb their budget or eat away their profits.

Similar is the case in the city of Hyderabad. A thriving metropolis with scores of IT companies and local service providers. Here too, small businesses have a tough time arranging appropriate, cost-effective workspace.

So is there any solution?

Yes! SMEs, start-ups, MNCs should look out for business centers offering services of conference rooms in Mumbai or meeting rooms in Mumbai. Likewise, existing and new businesses based in Hyderabad not interested in buying or renting office space should look out for business centers in Hyderabad offering affordable co-working, shared office, or private offices.

We at DBS, offer full-service modern office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms at affordable rates to MNCs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and start-ups. Our office spaces are fully customizable and can be designed based on client requirements. Our business centers are spread across the nation, especially in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

For details and information, visit or call us on +91 22 40779100.

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