Coworking Space Are The Offices Of The Future

Just a decade ago, none of us ever thought about coworking spaces. Even the term coworking at that time wasn’t even coined. A few years ago, coworking spaces came into existence when coffee shops expanded and became popular hangouts to catch up with clients or to hold a business presentations.

However, the friendly coffee house meetings or offices on rent become a costly affair. This was the time when coworking spaces took a different turn. Businesses owning large spaces or warehouses were turned into office spaces on rent, which were termed coworking space.

Driven by technological advances, the way we work and the ways in which businesses are organized is emerging rapidly. As a result, the type of workspace businesses need is also evolving.

Initially, there were few takers of coworking spaces, but the trend is changing. Sparked by technology and stoked by the entrepreneurial movement, coworking space is now gaining steam in urban centers across India. Especially in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and New Delhi.

Most coworking spaces have an environment with all of the basic work amenities such as desks, chairs, proper lighting, and access to internet and electricity. The best coworking spaces offer tables for small and large groups, quiet spaces for concentration, free snacks and coffee, and clean & trendy designs.

Freelancers and start-ups are the ones who use coworking spaces but there are business teams who enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of a coworking space. It’s common for individual workers to meet one another and even do business together in a coworking space.

So, why Coworking Spaces Are The Offices Of The Future?

Simply because the coworking trend is rising and going to continue. Traditional workspaces haven’t changed for decades but rather underwent a minor disruption with the proliferation of co-working spaces. Employees nowadays want freedom and flexibility. The flexibility coworking spaces offer is most sought after in today’s business environment.

Coworking space providers will compete to provide a work culture that is comfortable, functional, and social, and touches the lifestyles of people. Entrepreneurs will drive the trend of coworking space because it will favor the results over physical presence. Also, they will be able to put coworking spaces to their advantage by using technology and setting up branch offices wherever talent can be found.

The percentage of coworking space around the world is very less but that small percentage represents a majority of shared workspaces that exists around the globe which is bound to grow. The coworking environment has proved to be perfect for the shared work model, which is why it is gradually becoming a part of India Inc.

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