DBS Business Center – The Perfect Solution for Remote Working employees and companies

Starting a business is progressive, right from the venture’s beginning to its growth and until it reaches the stage of sustainability. From networking to establishing relationships with venture capitalists, experts, analysts, other startup communities, an entrepreneur has the tendency to overcome the shortcomings involved with fund management, focus enhancement, and networking. These factors determine the growth of the business at various stages.

The evolution of business towards perfection requires the owners to look beyond conventional office spaces and find a solution that allows them to pocket the all-around benefits for a business in one place. While digging deeper into office space requirements for a startup, many entrepreneurs face issues finding the right one.

According to a report by Harvard, almost 75% of the employees prefer having an office space close to their home as it makes their commute shorter and saves their valuable time. The increase in the ‘work near home’ phenomenon requires the companies to work around the concept of remote working. A professional workspace near home that has a magnificent ambiance, comfortable setting, and a tech-enabled working environment maximizes productivity and ensures exceptional returns for the business.

Office space is a business’s home and finding the right one can greatly impact the growth of the business. Having access to a managed business centre in lower parel or any other esteemed location in Mumbai can take a massive load of responsibilities off the shoulders of business owners. DBS India is one of the leading flexible office solution providers that cater to businesses of all scales and types. With serviced business centres in the prime location of Mumbai including Lower Parel, Andheri, Fort and Chakala, DBS India is one of the leading flexible office solution providers in the country. Let us dive deep into the subject and discern the reasons that make business centres from DBS India the perfect solution for remote working employees.

1. Flexible office space solution

Several conventional offices have a predetermined workspace layout that has standardized amenities which are rarely in sync with the requirements of the modern workforce. DBS India offers business centres in lower parel that allow companies to configure spaces according to the needs, brand ethics, and values. Companies can easily customize a workspace according to the needs of their employees and flexibility of the workspace design to develop an environment most suited for their work demands. This instills a greater sense of fellowship among the employees and enables them to work in a space they are comfortable in.

2. Tech-enabled workspaces

The millennial generation aspires to work in a tech-enabled business centre in Andheri and other business hubs in Mumbai that boosts their productivity. DBS India provides impeccable tech support along with advanced security services that come with high-speed internet and IoT-controlled conference rooms. This collectively enables the enterprises to reduce wastage while providing team members with an office space that helps them work efficiently without any technical failures.

3. Enhanced collaboration opportunities

The modern workforce demands a collaborative workspace that provides them with ample amenities and networking opportunities. The major reason why small businesses, startups, freelancers, and various multinational companies are switching to the managed business centres in Andheri is due to their community. Professionals from across the globe from different walks of life are a part of this community. This provides the remote employees with interchange of ideas, inspiration, mentoring and networking along with chances of learning effective skills from each other

4. Increased productivity of the employees

Managed office spaces are an ideal option for remote employees and beneficial for the company as they offer a unique experience of working from the comfort of home or a cozy cafe yet a fully-equipped, professional business centre. This is perfect for improving the productivity and creativity of the employees while opening windows of opportunities for them. DBS India provides a business centre in Andhari and Lower Parel increase focus and build morale.

5. Economical

For ages, there has been the culture of traditional offices in Mumbai with elaborate infrastructure, private offices and personal tables and chairs for employees. However, the culture is now evolving with managed. This is due to the fact that they are flexible (one can easily upscale or downscale them), providing a better working environment while saving money. Business centres from DBS India come with flexible short-term leases that are fully furnished with no fit-out costs.

Nowadays, the war for the best talent depends on an organisation’s ability and willingness to provide flexibility. The concept of ‘office’ has evolved and so have the expectations of the millennial workforce. Every collaborative working space has its own vibe and zeal. DBS India is an organisation that aims at creating a collaborative work environment for all and providing them with abundant networking opportunities in the business centres in Andheri. It is the customer-centric and purpose-driven approach that has enabled DBS India to climb the zenith of success that it has today.

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