Embrace BYOD to Perk Up Your Business

Have you ever heard the term BYOD? If your answer is no, then learn it, as sooner or later it will become a rage. It is not limited to people bringing their own devices like smartphones and tablets to the office; instead it is merging powerful social media apps for the benefit of the enterprise.

The market is filled with nifty flexible office solutions, but DBS Flexible Solutions provide you a lot of information that is crucial to attain and retain success. They provide you reasons as to why businesses should embrace BYOD.

Communication– Real time communication is the greatest perk that BYOD proffers to its users.
Moreover, we have become so accustomed to the web based chatting that we think that email and faxes were the products of the ancient times. With the advent of Apps like Facetime, Oovoo, instant messaging, the way people used to communicate has totally changed. The opinion is that if we can chat with our friends through these apps, then why not vendors, CRM suppliers or lawyers.

The socialization has put an end to the slow era where instant communication was a distant dream.

Goodbye traditional enterprise– The traditional enterprise used to trap data at a single place, but the cloud technology has made the data available to everyone. And yes, given the nature, you can access the data from anywhere. For employees, it can be a techtonic, as the information they need is available on their finger tips- location, route, meeting, client home, office, etc.

It will shorten the learning curve– It is a universally acknowledged truth that a savvy workforce who is familiar with his favorite tool can leverage your business and will take it to the next level. Moreover, the training costs decreases and employee productivity increases, who doesn’t want it.

It will squeeze your costs– Cloud based application will squeeze your financial costs as you don’t need to incur capital expenses on purchasing software licenses and other operating expenses. Hence, the net result is lower management costs, lower upgrade hassles and lower hardware expenses.

 Security– When it comes to the bsecurity, small and midsized business is under a constant threat as there is no expert and dedicated staff to manage the same. In these cases, the off premise storage of data assists to reduce the risk of access by natural threat like earthquake or access by cleaning staff.

A word of caution– As you use Windows more and more installing and uninstalling software, it starts assimilating junk. The solution is to clean up PC or smartphone periodically with some nifty tools that dive deep into Window operating system and flush its nooks and crannies.

DBS Office Business Solution thinks that it is a revolutionary concept that will overhaul the office premises.

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