How to give Productive Feedback: 8 Steps – His Perspective

Continuing from Productive Feedback: 8 Steps – Positivity, always!

  1. Positive solution. On the other hand, negative feedback indicates that the person needs to make an adjustment and “the threat response turns on and defensiveness sets in”. What we’re saying is that you do not need to avoid negative/corrective feedback altogether – but, make sure that you follow it up with a positive solution (that pat on the back).
  2. Specify. When giving feedback, people generally react better to specific, positive direction. Avoid saying lines like, “You need to be more active when in meetings.” It’s very ambiguous and can be interpreted by the person in a many personal ways.
  3. You were good. Instead, say something specific & positive aimed at the task that you want to accomplish, such as, “You were good. Now I hope to hear at least one terrific opinion from you in every meeting we’re in together going forward.”
  4. His Perspective. When some blunder happens, ask the person what’s his perspective of the situation is and was and then proceed. That way you could get the idea why he blundered. Neglect saying how silly he or his actions were (EVEN IF THEY WERE) at the start itself.

Lastly, most importantly, let the feedback of yours have an objective – specific, positive, forward-moving, constructive, and if it’s doing any good to the organization – and only when the person knows that he’s being graded. Ask if he understands everything you expect. And that you’re there to help him succeed. As the saying goes: “People have a habit of becoming what you encourage them to be, not what you nag them to be.”

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