Key Trends in a Workplace in 2018

“The only thing that is constant is change,” – said Heraclitus. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Highly advanced information technology is allowing businesses to discover and develop new methods to expand their business.

Rapid globalization and technological advances are reshaping the modern working landscape and drawing newer workplace trends that are dominating the business world. The workplace environment is undergoing a continuous evolution. Companies are developing to support a variety of work styles, leadership skills, and diverse viewpoints and concepts.

The existence of the internet and advanced technology like wearable gadgets and AI will be incorporated in business without affecting how the way employees work and meet their expectations and approach toward their job.

For businesses, the ability to adapt and lead the newest workplace trends is a must, provided they want to retain performing employees while attracting potential talent.

Workplaces are and will always be under the influence of evolving business trends. The purpose of highlighting key trends is to help businesses to prepare for the rest of 2018. Given below are key trends that will impact workplaces this year.

  • Increase in human interaction – This year most companies will focus on promoting their workspaces and design them to aid interpersonal relationships among employees. Businesses shifting to new premises will have designs to promote relationships, idea sharing, and collaboration across teams.

  • Skill enhancing and retraining – With the growing need for technology, businesses will work on enhancing information technology skills of employees and invest in retraining existing employees instead of spending on hiring new ones and advertising.

  • Embedding Artificial Intelligence – Business communication depends on technological devices and artificial intelligence. Companies will use chatbots as personal assistants, for on-demand customer service, mine data, streamline business processes, retrieve product information, and answer questions raised by employees.

  • Remote offices/workplaces – Most companies are already using the trend of small remote offices across different verticals. Businesses looking to expand their reach will follow this trend in 2018. They will hire workspaces with high-end facilities.

  • A diverse class of employees – Organizations will promote gender diversity and focus on employing the disabled, LGBTQ and racial/religious minority groups. Companies will embrace a diverse class of employees proactively.

  • Work-Life balance – Work-life balance will continue to trend this year. Small and medium-sized businesses will choose to move away from the conventional 9 to 5 working hours to flexible or negotiable timings, thereby allowing employees to balance work and their personal life

While there are lots of specific trends that will impact the workplace trend in 2018, employer-employee interaction, artificial intelligence, technology will continue throughout the year.

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