Lean Serviced Offices Keep Businesses Agile

“The Times They Are A-Changin’,” sang Bob Dylan (who recently won the Nobel Prize for Literature). This holds true as much today as it did when he wrote the iconic song more than fifty years ago.

It holds specially true for businesses. These are dynamic times. A business that wants to keep pace with the times needs one thing most of all: flexibility. That’s why when it comes to finding an office from which to operate, businesses are choosing a serviced office over a conventional office.

A serviced office is the inspirational solution for modern businesses that need to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market conditions. It is a fully-equipped and furnished office space in a good business location, ready for immediate use.

What could be better? The serviced office provider takes on the responsibility of running and maintaining the office premises and providing a range of business services including high-speed internet access, conference and meeting facilities as well as administrative services such as printing, courier and catering services. Clients are freed from all the hassles of running the office.

A lease for a serviced office is usually short-term, whereas leases for conventional offices can last for several years. Businesses that opt for serviced offices are leaner, free from long-term contractual obligations.

With serviced offices, cost savings can be substantial. They do away with all the initial set-up costs involved in a conventional office. No need to invest in furniture and equipment. Besides, a serviced office provides facilities such as a lounge, conference and meeting rooms without an additional investment by the client.

The flexibility of a serviced office is its biggest attraction. It can be available for the duration a client chooses – a day, a week, a month or a year. The is beneficial for start-ups with cash flow restrictions and even companies looking to expand who want to test the waters in new markets. Office size is scalable, allowing businesses to upscale or downsize as required.

Then there is efficiency. Pantry services, conference and meeting rooms are available for use on a pay-by-use basis. Conventional offices have conference and meeting rooms that are used for only a few hours a week but clients still have to pay for the rent and utilities when they are unoccupied. One cannot over-state the advantage of a professional team that keeps workspaces running in a serviced office. Not only does the client gain significant savings on overheads but there’s valuable saving of management time. Issues such as staffing that can be so time-consuming are handled by the service provider.

In addition, many professional business support services can be arranged on request. For example, legal and accounting services, secretarial support, translation and travel arrangements.

Consider also the benefit of reduced risk. With a serviced office, businesses are not obliged to hold fixed assets, enabling them to change the size of their office according to business growth. With IT infrastructure, telecom systems, office equipment and day-to-day administration functions centrally managed by the serviced office provider, all the concerned operational risks are considerably reduced. A serviced office provides the agility that businesses need to stay competitive.

DBS business centers are pioneers of the serviced office spaces industry in India, providing all the benefits of a well-run serviced office in an elegant ambience. The experienced team takes care of every need and gives clients personalized attention, providing solutions customized to their requirements. Everything is taken care of, allowing clients to concentrate on what matters most – driving their business. As DBS says, “You run your business while we run your office.”

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