Mumbai: Problems and solutions on Small Office Space

Anything that is small is often considered, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’. Taking a cue from our lives, small things or small gestures of kindness do matter and it makes us feel happy and content.

But does the same logic apply to our workplace? No. It doesn’t. What if your workplace is small compared to the number of people working in it. Of course, space would be a concern. Often, workplaces are bought or rented depending on the size of business.

The best thing about working in the business world is that there are different environments to suit varied business needs. For example, large corporations have larger offices, while small and mid-sized businesses choose what fits their requirement. It is the small businesses which face the issue of space, especially when the business is growing along with the number of employees.

Mumbai – the financial capital of India has an exceptionally large number of small and mid-sized businesses. Considering the soaring prices of real estate in Mumbai, buying or renting a good office space for small businesses is expensive. High prices force companies to buy or rent space away from the city, where the rates are comparatively low. Ironically, a majority of businesses hardly realize the problems of operating from a small office.

To counter this situation, businesses should look out for shared office, which offers all the facilities of a traditional office.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems of working in a small office –  

  • Team expansion – Lack of ample space hinders the process of expanding the team, especially for growing businesses. They can’t grow without enough space for more all employees.
  • Congestion – A congested office hampers the smooth functioning. It affects the temperature in the office which influences mental state of employees.
  • Focus – A packed office creates tensions and it impedes focus on the job thereby leading to errors and waste of time. It blocks creativity and delays completion of projects.
  • Clutter – Businesses operating from undersized office are usually prone to clutter. Placement of furniture, computers, gadgets, office records makes the office cluttered and mismanaged.
  • Privacy – Personal space and privacy is a moral right of all employees. Lack of privacy decreases productivity and morale.
  • Cafeteria – One of the critical drawbacks is the absence of cafeteria. No cafeteria means team members are forced to eat at their desks, which leads to wastage of time and affects productivity.

Mentioned above are immediate and obvious disadvantages of working in a small office. However, large businesses eager to grow and expand their workforce should visualize future needs like office space – bought of rented, office furniture, office essentials, etc. to achieve business goals.

So, what is the solution?

The most commonly thought out solution is, buying or rent out a larger office. But is spending a huge amount the right solution? No. We think till the time businesses are well set, they should consider shared office spaces or coworking spaces in Mumbai.

So, if you are a large organization or an MNC and intend to strengthen your base in the business hub of Mumbai – BKC, your search ends with DBS Business Center.

DBS Business Center. – pioneers in office space management is glad to present availability of large offices besides the advantage of growing at its fifth business center in Mumbai at BKC. Besides offering spacious offices to companies, which can be leased for larger teams, we invite MNC’s to BKC and expand their market, or maybe create a second home for their businesses.

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