Need an Address for GST Registration? A Virtual Office is the Answer

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Virtual Office Address For GST Registration

If you are in business, one of the first things you require is an official address for GST Registration, legal and other business requirements. But this may present some difficulties, especially if you are a start-up or a small business or a freelancer on the move, who does not have a permanent address.


Documents required: Virtual Office For GST Registration

  • PAN Card of the business/applicant
  • Business registration or incorporation certificate
  • Identity and address of the Primary Authorized signatory
  • Proof of place of business
  • Valid Indian bank account number
  • A digital signature of the authorized person


Who can sign the GST APPLICATION?

As can be seen, ‘proof of place of business’ (point 4, above) is a must to get your business started. With a Virtual Office, you get that all-important address for GST Registration plus many other attractive benefits.


Advantages of a Virtual Office:

• Flexibility to work from anywhere (even from a park bench!)

• Professional business address (also good for your brand image)

• Cost-effectiveness –you save on office rental and deposits, office maintenance, and running costs

• Support team to respond to phone calls on your behalf

• Mail forwarding service

• Access to meeting and video conferencing rooms

• Use of elegant business center lounge (and receptionist service) for client meetings

• Range of business services (administrative services such as courier and secretarial services, catering services etc.)

• Pay-by-use facility (you pay only for the services you use)

• Mobility –you can test the waters in new markets without incurring set-up costs

• Customized services (such as additional communication services – as needed)

• Experienced team to offer solutions for your specific needs

Having a Virtual Office is like having an office without actually having one. You get all the benefits of a conventional office but don’t have to invest in one. This means sizeable savings on infrastructure, maintenance, updating of equipment, and maintenance costs (not to mention saving the headache of running the office and having to deal with day-to-day problems, which is time-consuming as well). No wonder, the demand for Virtual Office space is growing exponentially –at more than 25% a year. Not just start-ups and small businesses but also larger business organizations are finding a Virtual Office the ideal solution, especially in these uncertain times.

DBS Virtual Offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and other prime business locations across the country are an example of how a Virtual Office can be a vital part of an organization’s business plan. By signing up for a DBS Virtual Office, you get everything you need from a conventional office without having to get an office of your own. And it is good for the bottom line.

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