No Time to Update your Blog? Only Words!

The advantages of continuously updating your website’s content are very apparent.  But that’s when it’s already an averaged-size website. What about the small, niche ones? It can be a challenge for them to keep updating their websites.

So it would be better if you had a static website but also had a blog that contained the top keywords so as to feature up among the top searches on a search engine.

Here are the tips that you should consider:

  1. Only words? There’s a nursery owner who is so busy caring for his plants & trees that he hardly gets time to update his wonderful website. But what he now does is that instead of writing 500-words essays, he posts videos of his nursery and posts pictures with very short descriptions about the newest plants, etc. And his website stays as fresh as that red flower at his window.
  2. Jot down Ideas. Whenever an idea clicks, just write it down in a small notepad. Also, when you get a little bit of time, just brainstorm a bit, watch how other are going and hatch your ideas based upon them. And when you get the time – Just crack it!! Make sure that you do this process every few weeks.

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