Re-opening the Office – Behavioural Trends You Need to be Aware Of

The office has re-opened. People are trickling back to work. It’s good to see familiar faces and places. But it’s not business as normal as is evident from serviced offices in Mumbai. In fact, there is a ‘new normal’ in place and it’s the responsibility of everyone –management, employees, support staff –to adopt new behavioral patterns for their own safety and that of others. Serviced offices in Chennai have made this a priority.

Keeping employees, customers, and business associates safe and healthy while doing business during an on-going pandemic will not only hinge on behaviors such as wearing masks, doing temperature checks, washing hands, and staying six feet apart from others, as serviced offices in Mumbai show. It will rely on getting all of us to do these things every time for however long it takes. But that does not happen unless those who see someone break the rules speaks up and reminds them. Inherently, we are reluctant to speak up. But currently, especially, we are not simply responsible for following safe practices ourselves, we are also responsible to ensure that everyone around us does so as well. If you see anyone –anyone—violating safe practices remind them of the proper protocol. With a polite ‘please’. As in “Please wear a mask when you are in the office.” Wait till they comply and follow up with an immediate “thank you”.
“Please” and “Thank you” are the magic words that can bring about positive action. Serviced offices in Chennai and Bangalore have seen this happen.

  • Hold a ‘boot camp’
    To break down old patterns and introduce new behaviors, it helps to hold a ’boot camp’ for employees. Serviced offices in Bangalore encourage this practice. Holding a ‘boot camp’ or drill is really like having time set aside for employees to meet as a group and practice safety and precautionary drills. Like a fire drill, all employees should walk through all the safety norms to be observed. Serviced office spaces in Andheri, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi have made this a regular routine. The occasion can also be used to boost morale. For example, stories can be told about friends, family, or clients to bring risks of non-compliance in focus. Ideally, a health expert should be present at these sessions to answer questions and give practical advice.
  • New business plan
    It’s important to have a business continuity plan in place to adapt to changes post-COVID 19.
    Consider the introduction of team rostering or staggering of staff during business hours to help enforce physical distancing in the office and at break times. Serviced office spaces in Andheri, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi have re-thought their business protocol.

Adhering to these critical behaviors is not only good for the health of employees, it is also good for the health of your business, making it possible for a business to open –and stay open.

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