Reasons Galore for Choosing a Shared Office in Bangalore

When it comes to business, all roads lead increasingly to Bangalore. The city attracts not only enterprises, big and small, but also startups and entrepreneurs. An important item on their agenda is finding the right place from which to work.

Shared office spaces is a concept that’s fast catching on. The question prospective customers face is, how to choose the one that’s right for them? Here are some factors to consider before making that all-important decision.

Location is a key consideration. The choice can be driven by the type of work you are undertaking. Are you looking for just office space? Will it primarily be a sales office? Is it intended as an extension of the company’s main office? Startups and small businesses would also need to consider whether space is needed for a shorter or longer duration. However, whatever the need, the office needs to be well located with easy access to public transportation and to banks, restaurants, and commercial establishments. You need proximity to your clients and suppliers and your employees need a place that’s easy to commute to —otherwise, you might risk losing some of your best people. Rate shared offices in Bangalore on the parameter of location. Having found one that scores on this count mean half the battle won.

You should also consider how well up the office is on technology. Does it cater to the new digital economy? 24-hour connectivity is essential as a business is being conducted across the world and across different time zones. It’s a good idea to check on the backup technical team. Things can go wrong when you least expect them to so make sure there’s always someone on call. This will not only save time and stress but also money. The reputed business centers in Bangalore pay as much attention to the back office as they do to the front office.

An important benefit of going to the shared office route is that someone else is taking care of the infrastructure. Look at this aspect carefully. Does the shared office in Bangalore have all the facilities you need so you just come in with your laptop, plug in and get down to business? Check on the administrative support system available —such as printing and courier services. Catering services are also important. If you are a startup, the chances are that you will be working long hours to get your business going and a supply of tea, coffee and refreshments should be accessible. Another important factor is whether the office? offers conference and meeting rooms that you can easily book without having to go to another location.

Look at the shared office space in Bangalore that you choose from the point of view of its day-to-day management. Maintenance, staffing, updating of equipment should all be taken care of. You should have none of the hassles of running the office so you can just focus on your work. The experience and professionalism of the team count for a lot in creating a conducive atmosphere for work.

Overall, the shared office space you choose in Bangalore needs to be inviting, designed to maximize creativity and productivity. There should be breakout areas for focused work as well as for brainstorming and collaborative work. The ideal shared office space in Bangalore should meet all these criteria and also provide flexibility for individual growth.

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