Reasons why the serviced office is a leaner alternative for modern businesses

Not long ago when managed office spaces in Secunderabad became an option, nobody thought
they would soon become a primary preference of modern business. Now that they represent fully-
customizable, cost-efficient, ready-to-move-in workplaces, it is difficult to consider any other
alternative. The global markets today are constantly evolving making time, money, and efforts the key
components of any business. A serviced office is a solution that offers a way to optimize all these
three elements simultaneously.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a ready-to-move-in, fully furnished office space that offers customized and fully
furnished workplace solutions for a business. As the name ‘serviced office’ suggests, the
administrative staff of the office provider takes care of the maintenance of the workspace. The
flexibility they offer makes the operations of any business a lot more comfortable and hassle-free
for any business. These include cleaning the premises, high-speed and reliable internet
connectivity, professional support, and meeting, and conference rooms among many others. Moreover,
the business centres in Hyderabad by DBS Business Centre are in the most prime location in the city making
them accessible to everyone.

In traditional offices, the business owner would have to hunt for a reliable space and turn it into a
workplace from scratch. It still would have difficulties taking the shape of a professionally managed
serviced office. The City of Pearls- Hyderabad is one of the top 5 startup hubs in the country in
terms of deal count and funding. Hyderabad has more than $900 million of funding coming into the
ecosystem making it one of the best places in the country to start your business. There are
numerous reasons for choosing an office space for rent in Hyderabad. Let us shed light on a few
in this blog.

1. Flexibility:

Just like subscribing to managed business centres is easy, getting out of them is just as simple. They
are extremely flexible as modern businesses can choose to work in these offices for a time as short
as 30 days without any major investment or legal issues. As opposed to traditional offices, one can
renew their contracts hassle-free. This makes them perfect for modern businesses and SMEs that
need to invest their capital into areas that will ensure exponential growth for them.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Serviced office space for rent in Secunderabad is cost-effective for all types of businesses in more
than one way. Firstly, the need for setting up the workplace from scratch would be eliminated as
these offices are custom-built. They come with a lot of services and facilities without any added cost
to them as all the expenses are included in the rent itself. Organizations like DBS Business Centre that offer managed workplace solutions allow businesses to choose a short-term lease. This significantly reduces the amount paid as a security deposit. When the combined service subscriptions offered by DBS Business Centre are compared to traditional offices on a similar scale, the cost would easily be doubled, if not more. This makes cost-effectiveness one of the biggest perks of serviced offices.

3. Pay-per-use Model:

Businesses can hire not only the services that are offered to them by default but also choose more
conveniences as per their requirement. DBS Business Centre offers services like the pantry, wifi connectivity, CCTV surveillance, and tea/coffee at desks in the office at no extra cost. However, businesses can also book professionally set up meeting rooms, and spacious and elegant conference rooms as and when required. These services will be charged on the pay-as-you-use model only.

4. Reduced responsibilities:

The heinous tasks of sharing your attention towards office maintenance or dealing with individual
service providers for internet and other professional services are effortlessly managed by office
solution providers. Business owners can enjoy peace of mind once they get settled in and save their
valuable energy and time which they can invest in their core business.

5. Round-the-clock professional support:

Events on requests, travel-related flexibility, and collaborations are just some of the features offered by
office space in Hyderabad. The availability of such professional support in a compact manner
makes them the perfect workplace solution for modern businesses. They not only surpass the
services offered by traditional offices but also operations easy and the time spent in the office more

The rise of serviced offices in Hyderabad is fundamentally driven by the growing demand of
the companies for greater flexibility and prompt response to the rapidly evolving business

Modern businesses are changing the way they manage their operations, creating the need for
flexible manpower as well as flexibility in the capital infrastructure. As a leaner alternative for
modern businesses to the conventional office business centres in Hyderabad, DBS Business Centre will continue to be another major occupancy option for businesses of all sizes and from different

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