Serviced Offices – a Lifeline for Small Businesses

The lockdown caused by the Coronavirus has had a major impact on businesses –small businesses, in particular, have been hit hard. With scarce cash reserves and small margins, they have been struggling to stay afloat.

Fortunately, there is a lifeline. They can opt for a serviced office and avoid drowning in overheads. If they had an owned or leased office, these businesses would need to incur additional costs of sanitization, stringent hygiene and maintenance protocols during the pandemic, which add up to a significant sum. In serviced offices, such as serviced offices in Mumbai, all these expenses are part of running the office and included in the monthly package. There are no additional costs, freeing much-needed capital in these crunch times.
When you look at serviced offices, like serviced offices in Mumbai, Delhi, or Andheri, Mumbai, you’ll find that they offer small businesses many benefits –and not just in the lockdown period. The most important of these –especially in these uncertain times—is flexibility. The option of short-term leases is ideal for businesses looking to remain agile and work in a space that can expand or reduce at short notice.

Keeping the financial wheels turning is a challenge for small businesses. A serviced office is cost-effective, as a serviced office in Delhi shows. You pay only for the space you need which is fully furnished and equipped. Besides, there is no downtime while moving in. You can just walk in and get down to business.

Everything needed to run a business is there for the asking. A serviced office in Andheri, Mumbai, for instance, is fully staffed, provides reception, administrative, and catering services. And the best part is that you pay only for the facilities and services you actually use. Serviced offices in Mumbai offer a package that covers the entire infrastructure, including cleaning, maintenance, and utilities. For new businesses there is the undoubted advantage of having the latest, high-quality equipment which might otherwise be an enormous cost, requiring capital outlay not affordable at this stage. Serviced offices in Delhi provide access to conference and meeting rooms, a lounge, or networking spaces. The requisite technology for virtual meetings is also made available. A good serviced office is an all-in-one solution for small businesses.

And there are other special benefits. Serviced offices in Andheri, Mumbai, among others, provide small businesses a professional business address that they might otherwise find unaffordable but is important for their credibility It also gives them access to different locations to help expand their markets without making a major investment in real estate and infrastructure. Opportunity costs are considerably reduced. Having established a base in a serviced office, small businesses can test the waters until they find the location that’s best suited to their needs without incurring needless expenditure on following the wrong leads.

Serviced offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Andheri, Mumbai meet the workspace requirements of small businesses and provide the flexibility they need without being tied down to longterm contracts. During the lockdown period –and beyond – opting for a serviced office would be a smart decision for small businesses ambitious to grow.

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