Serviced Offices – Benefits – A valuable alternative for all

Many types of businesses operate from Serviced Offices or Business Centers as they are more commonly known around the world. Renting a serviced office is not just for Startups, as normally conceived, but also for other medium and large companies.

Keeping costs to the minimum…

A great deal of organizations nowadays are just starting out, having only a small amount of resources to begin operations and attempt at breaking into their specific industries.

There are a variety of ways for organizations to start going about their enterprise keeping their costs to the minimum possible, allowing them to have enough for the numerous aspects of their operations. Many organizations around the world have tried and tested the use of serviced offices, experiencing firsthand how they can be a financially sound. A furnished office offers enormous conveniences great for small businesses and startup companies that still have budget concerns for their preliminary foray into the market.

Why a Serviced Office?

A furnished office is probably a wiser option when straining initially compared to renting one altogether. Our past experience shows that corporates have benefited by saving valuable capital resources through serviced offices, similarly we have also experienced companies leasing our large rented space just while starting up and later regret on two counts;

  • One, they have blocked their valuable capital
  • secondly, they have not calculated their space requirement accurately by either over leasing or under leasing office space.

Let’s accept the fact how anyone can visualize what office space requirement a new startup will have 12 months down the road. The startup can be a grand success and may actually land up deciding on a larger leased space or business may not take off as expected, there may be unforeseen circumstances like the Global Economic slowdown & their office space requirement may be small than what was initially targeted. Serviced Offices drive away all such notions. You start with one, then expand to ten, and if business is bad you scale down to four & so on.

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Sarosh Vatcha (Asst. General Manager – DBS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd) has been associated with this industry for a very long time & can be contacted at DBS India or by email

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