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Business Centers also give the client the flexibility in choosing his own office permutations based on the availability. Some centers even allow customization of the office space they provide, for someone who does not believe in office hierarchy may decide to have all uniform furniture, similarly some other client may decide to have a separate chamber for himself and a separate office for his team members. Everything is possible and flexible in a business centre.

Flexible Office Options

  • You pay for the space you use and all other amenities are shared for like the lobby, lounge, restrooms, common passage, telecommunication equipments and so on.
  • They even provide with a professional receptionist to answer all your calls and assist you with your secretarial serviced.
  • You pay a fixed charge for the office you occupy and for the other services you keep paying as you use them.
  • Some providers may even decide to bundle the services for you, which leaves you paying for services that you may not use often, where as some providers charge you on ‘a la carte’ basis.

You have the backbone of an entire IT support mechanism where you are provided with high speed internet, telephone lines, printing, photocopying, fax units (though obsolete these days). So you note that you are not spending any time whatsoever on these activities and can get access to them from day one! Could it get any better?

The best address in town

Every business establishment has always debated on the most suitable location to have their office and here too the serviced office eliminates these doubts. Almost all serviced offices are strategically situated in central business districts in close proximity to other important business and government establishments. Therefore you always have the best address in town, which if you closely look, impresses upon your business clients and supports your brand / goodwill too.

And you realize…

Corporate establishments will, eventually, realize that it does make sense to startup or to expand their current business or open a new City branch from a serviced Office after carefully examining the advantages highlighted above. The value of time and convenience added with flexibility must always be equated in money terms. They will save precious capital resources using a furnished office and the funds they actually save can be reinvested in their business to help it grow faster.


Sarosh Vatcha (Asst. General Manager – DBS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd) has been associated with this industry for a very long time & can be contacted at DBS India or by email

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