Serviced Offices- The New Start-up Culture

Start-ups are springing up everywhere and one of the biggest challenges they face is finding the right workspace. Serviced offices offer an attractive solution over traditional office spaces for a variety of reasons.

The main benefits they offer are:

Long-term contracts that lock up businesses into leases, large deposits, and legal fees are out of the question for start-ups, most of whom have very limited budgets. There is also greater freedom of operation. You can upsize or downsize your business according to market needs and optimize costs. And you can choose your own working hours.

The entire process of finding an office, furnishing and equipping it, is done away with. Serviced offices are professionally managed and maintained. Everything is set up so you can just get down to business. Internet and phone services with technical back-up are a given—one of the first requirements of tech-savvy start-ups. Administrative support including printing and courier services is available. You can also avail of conference and meeting rooms according to your needs.

Having an office at a premium address is a very good move for a start-up as it adds to prestige and credibility but it’s hard on the budget. Serviced offices are located in prime business districts. It becomes a viable option for start-ups because the cost of being in an enviable location is shared.

Sharing an office space with other businesses lets you meet like-minded business people in an informal and friendly environment. You never know who. you will meet and what opportunities may crop up just talking to someone. Being with other people in similar situations sparks conversation. Chatting over a cup of coffee can result in some valuable leads.

Start-ups represent different talents but share a common goal—getting their businesses going and growing as fast as possible. Serviced offices provide the perfect platform to help them achieve their objectives. They can focus on their business without having to worry about infrastructure and maintenance. No wonder the start-up culture is becoming increasingly evident in serviced offices across the country.

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