Rule of Five for Happier Customers

International Customer Week has just been celebrated in organizations across the world (and in DBS India as well), putting a hot focus on the key to success – the customer. Much has been said and written about customer satisfaction. In today’s highly competitive world, customer satisfaction should be taken for granted. What is really needed is customer delight. […]


  With so many products and services in the market, what usually makes the difference is the image you project for your business. An image is a cluster of impressions and perceptions, often hard to define but it does influence the way your clients or prospects think of your company and is an important deciding factor when it […]

The Most Important Pricing Question

How well do your sales people know their customers? No, I’m not talking about knowing basic customer information or buying habits. Rather, I’m talking about knowing how each customer will react to price changes for each product or service they currently pay for. It’s about listening and constantly probing to find the answer to one […]

3 Tips for Social Media to gain the Right Customers

3 tips for finding customers through a directed social media campaign: 1. The right platform. If you want to find customers, it’s your job to pick out which platform caters to your business’ desired audience and join it. Selecting the right social media platform for finding customers may seem basic, but business owners tend to […]