What Makes Shared Offices a ‘cool’ Idea?

Shared offices are trending. A location where people from multiple businesses can engage in work is a ‘cool’ idea specially for the younger generation of professionals. What makes a shared office such a draw? There are several reasons. To begin with, shared offices are usually urban-centric. They are located in a prime business district, close […]

Credibility can be Your Ace with a Well-Chosen Office Space

If you are a startup or a newcomer in the business world, you might face a major challenge: how to prove your credibility and be seen as a serious player? The place you work from plays a major role here. If you work from home—or a coffee house—you risk being seen as not very professional. […]

What is this Trendy Shared Office Space Anyway? And Why It is the Future

Shared office spaces in India, are becoming more popular day by day. Its massive growth in the last 5 years has disrupted the growth of traditional office space. Steady economic growth and a burgeoning startup community are driving flexible workspace in India. It is the world’s fastest emerging market breaking all the rules of the […]