The DBS difference

Day-to-day property management is not something that most companies want to worry about and so I feel serviced offices enable businesses to have accommodation that suits their individual needs without the hassle of finding, managing and furnishing the space.
Benefits of serviced offices:
Flexibility is very important in today’s fast moving economy. A company’s space requirements change – whether they need to expand or contract – they are unable to adjust without incurring significant costs, administrative issues or delays. This can be beneficial to businesses when times are good and they need more space quickly or conversely when it needs to contract.
You can set up quickly and enjoy facilities that they would otherwise not be able to organize; they are not the only ones who benefit.
Businesses of all sizes can also benefit from serviced offices when they set up specific project teams, need to house people in another city or move their whole business to another location.
Some will use serviced offices as a temporary measure while they wait for their permanent premises

Virtual office

Another option for small businesses, that has become available largely due to advances in technology, is the virtual office.
A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalismThe person can enjoy the benefits of a prestigious address, without actually having an office at the location. This can be useful for small businesses who are based at home but need a base and also those who have operatives working autonomously around the country.

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